Vintage Realistic STA-52

Discussion in 'Solid State' started by Wolverine, Feb 13, 2009.

  1. Wolverine

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    Well while shopping a flea market with my bro this past weekend I had my choice between a Realistic STA-82 and a STA-52. The 82 had a few lamps out and nick or two in the cabinet the STA-52 looked practically mint.

    Swayed by the looks I went with the 52 and it looks like it was about a 60wpc difference.... The 82 is a 70-80wpc receiver while the 52 only produces about 12wpc. I thought I smoked the 52 yesterday while trying it out but I guess no harm done as I have since powered it up w/o any problems. Not sure I will use it for much but I had heard alot of good things about some of the Realistic gear.

    Here are some pics.
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  2. Oerets

    Oerets AK Subscriber Subscriber

    The STA-52 is a sweet sounding 12WPC receiver .

  3. Dave1384

    Dave1384 Stuck in the 70's

    You heard right. I have 3.
  4. ccheath

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    Hey, I just bought the same thing about a month ago from GW. It is soo darn clean inside. All but one fuse light blew out. FM didn't work until I found 1 stinking diode shorted. Replaced that and the fuse, voila. I think mine goes about 16wpc. It looks just like yours but it's an STA-52B.
  5. Sam Cogley

    Sam Cogley Last of the Time Lords Subscriber

    I've got an 82. Solid piece, but probably about 30wpc.
  6. Copa1934

    Copa1934 My ears are bleeding Subscriber

  7. AnalogDigit

    AnalogDigit Realistic fan.

    The STA 52 is a very nice receiver. I own the STA 52B which was my first "true" stereo. IMHO, the STA 52 is a better receiver, since it has Quatravox circuitry to simulate 4 channel sound. The STA 52B just has A Rev, which switches the sound so what is heard on the left A speaker is heard on the right and vise versa.
  8. srinath

    srinath Super Member

    STA 82 isn't 70 watts. I dont believe it was any more than 30.
    Its rather big, as is all the realistics of that era.
  9. srinath

    srinath Super Member has this info -

    STA-82 44-Watt AM/FM Stereo Receiver with Quatravox
    (310-2056) Features Faxback Doc. # 33307


    Your new STA-82 is a highly versatile AM/FM Stereo Receiver which delivers
    enough power to drive almost any speaker system. The "honest" 22 watts per
    channel over the entire audio bandwidth will drive both "main" and "remote"
    speakers. And it has the performance and convenience features that
    distinguish a truly great receiver.

    Built-in Quatravox synthesizes 4-channel sound from ordinary stereo
    sources. Whenever you're ready, just add a second set of stereo speakers
    for the rear channels. It's the best of both worlds - stereo and 4

    With the FM tuner, the specifications tell the story. There's an FET
    front-end for excellent sensitivity and reduced noise. When you tune,
    muting eliminates interstation hiss.

    Our exclusive Auto-Magic dramatically simplifies FM tuning. when you
    touch the tuning knob, it lets you dial stations easily. Then as you
    release the knob, Auto-Magic fine-tunes the station and locks it in for
    drift-free listening.

    The wideband tuner provides maximum AM fidelity.

    44 is higher than I'd have thought ... but well, there you go.

    I had a sta 84, very cool in the way it was a black face in the middle of all the silver face, had wood sides and really really beefy, and had cool press buttons on the face. Nice.
  10. EscapeVelo

    EscapeVelo Charleston, SC

    I think Ill take the Dolby FM Muting and the 25% increase (16 watts per channel) in output power of the 52B to the QuadraVox and 12 watts per channel of the 52. I picked up an STA-90 and loved it so much Im looking to pick up another vintage Realistic receiver, and zoomed in on the 52 for it's aesthetics.

    For informational purposes only

    Realistic STA-52 sold in 1977 and 1978.

    Realistic STA-52b sold in 1979 and 1980.

    Realistic STA-52b pictured...

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  11. mhardy6647

    mhardy6647 AK Subscriber Subscriber

    FWIW, the innards of an unsuffixed STA-52.

  12. Water

    Water Well-Known Member

    That thing is a beauty!
  13. EscapeVelo

    EscapeVelo Charleston, SC

    Here is a write up of the Realistic STA-52b (and Optimus 10 and Minimus 7) among some other gear.

    Article starts on page 103.

    Realistic STA-52b noted for its PLL (Phase Lock Loop) FM circuitry which the other units lacked (Sanyo JCX 2100KR and JVC JR S61).
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  14. MrIgotNomoney

    MrIgotNomoney Well-Known Member

    I know this thread is older, but I just found a near mint STA52b at Goodwill.
    All for $8, it is a sweet little receiver. Looks killer !!
  15. mikey3117

    mikey3117 Victory is mine!

    Nice find! My first stereo when I was 12yo included an STA-52B. I sold it in the early 90's but found a mint one locally that I'll always treasure...
  16. MrIgotNomoney

    MrIgotNomoney Well-Known Member

    It is a bute, and decent sound for a whopping 16 watts. Mine is clean as a pin inside, the face is near perfect. Only a small chip in the veneer.
    Its a keeper.
  17. vsat88

    vsat88 Like my Bluetooth ?

    1st stereo I recall my Dad buying in at our home was an Realistic STA-52. (built in Korea) I recall listening to many a Christmas album on it. Later on in life the 1st album I ever purchased was Billy Joel Glass Houses.Then 52nd Street. I used the LAB-52 turntable (built in England) to listen to those albums (before I discovered Van Halen/Van Halen) Listening with the Realistic headphones was like going to another world in rural Alabama..Freedom. Thank God I still have all this equipment Including the Realistic speakers. Just no original headphones. These units spiked my interest in Audio equipment and I am grateful to have had this equipment and even more grateful that we put it all in a closet when newer smaller more compact gear came along.
    Best regards to all who posted here. You have brought back fond memory.
  18. HomeBody

    HomeBody Passion not Critisism

    Luv the avatar-sig....LOL
  19. polypetalous

    polypetalous Active Member

    Thar Sta-52 was my first real receiver, a family hand down sometime I'm the early 80's.

    It didn't survive my teen years unfortunately...

    Yet again, another beautiful, good performing receiver from Realistic!

    I hope we aren't driving up prices yet, I still have plenty if Realistic gear I need/want to buy!

    Warning! Off topic/thread jack question:
    As a side note someone brought up realistic headphones...

    Anyone know which we're the "better/best" realistic headphones?
  20. charles 1973

    charles 1973 Super Member

    The STA-52 is one of many fine Realistic Recievers. I had the STA-90. That was a beautifull Reciever too with great SQ from it's 45 wpc amps and an excelent Tuner on both AM and FM. At a Marantz Demo, they had a lab to test your amps. Realistic rated it at .5% THD. They measured .08%L/.03% Right.

    I still use their STA-7 10 wpc Reciever with the matching Minimus 7 speakers with my 32" TV. What a great little combo. The Tuner on this little one is also outstanding too...dead quite, and easily selects between close stations that some other more expensive tuners I've had strugle with. Even the darn Phono Stage is up to the task.

    I have Their LV10 (by koss) Headphones. Outstanding SQ with an open relaxed and detailed sound. Very comfortable and fatigue free. My friend had these headphones that ran off the power amp and cost 5x what these cost and expected them to kill these little ones. They were bigger, uncomfortable, and only sounded diffent, not better. They actually felt more fatiguing. I haven't used them in a long time, I don't know if the Driver's rot or not. If you find some listen to them if you can.
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