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Discussion in 'Yamaha' started by Bigerik, Jul 17, 2010.

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  1. Bigerik

    Bigerik AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Welcome to AK's new Yamaha forum. Over the coming days, we will be moving Yamaha specific threads to this forum, so look for it to be expanding and growing quickly.
    I look forward to seeing this become the home for Yamaha fans on the internet.
  2. Bigerik

    Bigerik AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Yes, the forum now is open for new threads and posts.
  3. kcollins4

    kcollins4 Rocking somewhere Subscriber

    Just wanted to be one of the first to post in here. Thanks for modding the Yamaha forum, Erik.:thmbsp:
  4. wajobu

    wajobu Boing Boom Tschak

    Well, ding-dong-dang--how's about that!

    Merci! :)
  5. GlobalWarming

    GlobalWarming Super Member

    Thank you for adding Yamaha................
  6. Bigerik

    Bigerik AK Subscriber Subscriber

    We did it just for you, Walker. :)
  7. Bigerik

    Bigerik AK Subscriber Subscriber

    My pleasure!
    Tho hardly a Yamaha expert (haven't owned a Yamaha piece for about 4 years now - last one was a 2020.), I do love the gear. Anyhow, I am more the beat cop than anything else. This forum, like all AK forums, is for you guys!
  8. ehoove

    ehoove Old & New - Carpe Diem Super Mod Subscriber

    This one should get a lot of play!
  9. avionic

    avionic Aim High !!! Subscriber

    They finally caved to member pressure..Which is a good thing, perhaps.
  10. brutal

    brutal YamaHoarder Subscriber

    Perhaps indeed.
  11. Bigerik

    Bigerik AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Certainly no "caving" involved. A lot of time, thought and effort goes in before any new forum is added to AK. These decisions are not taking lightly. If we had just made a new forum any time it was requested, there would be about 1000 forums on AK by now.... :)
  12. brutal

    brutal YamaHoarder Subscriber

    Understood, but every time it's been brought up there seemed enough opposition to it from enough of the most active "Yamaha" members to keep it at bay. So is it more likely there was an issue with too many Yamaha threads in VSS to suit others? Just wondering out loud which side the pressure was coming from. No response necessary, I do not wish to anger any mods. :D
  13. This forum has been loooooooong awaited. I am glad to see Yamaha get its proper place here at AK. :thmbsp:
  14. ehoove

    ehoove Old & New - Carpe Diem Super Mod Subscriber

    I just hope that the exposure to other none Yamaha owning AK members is not compromised, which is the real issue. There is a real fragmentation issue with too many forums, and I'm sure that is why this separate forum took so long. Let's make sure we encourage non Yamaha members to enjoy this forum with great info and solid positive comments on their gear as well as any Yamaha gear they are pursuing!

    Thanks to Eric for stepping up to moderate this new forum.
  15. avionic

    avionic Aim High !!! Subscriber

    It is not that bad..I still cruise through the usual haunts.Just gives me one more place to opine..
  16. OvenMaster

    OvenMaster ^ Imagine speaker bouncing. Thanks. Subscriber

    Woo hoo! :banana::banana::banana:

    My sincere gratitude to all involved in this fine gift to us Yamaholics!

  17. BroonsBane

    BroonsBane raisn em up waxin em down

    Well slap me silly and call it foreplay, the Yamaha Forum lives. Woohoo!!
  18. Yamahalic

    Yamahalic Well-Known Member


    I have always wondered why no Yamaha forum on AK? Now, I have a new home.
  19. lha1992

    lha1992 Kenwood Collector

    Yamaha Forum!!! Yeah!!!
  20. specialidiot

    specialidiot Break Glass, Smoke Lucky

    very nice, love the fact we now have a yamaha forum.

    thanks to grumpy and the mods for making this happen.
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