Western Electric KS-19602 = McIntosh MC225 ?

Discussion in 'McIntosh Audio' started by emile, Jan 27, 2005.

  1. emile

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  2. dewickt

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    1963 to 1967, yes they were built by McIntosh to WE specs.
  3. ron-c

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    I am sure these share much with the MC225 but industrial amps have more taps on the output transformer, looks like 8 on these, and often have multi-voltage power transformers. These are also mono blocks of course but the power supply caps look like the 225 design.

  4. emile

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    For historical records,
    the auction ended at $3.051
  5. radioactive

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  6. emile

    emile Active Member

    if it was a bargain, sure :yes:
    BUT it seems to be a real collectible item :scratch2:
    way way more expensive than a "genuine" Mc225 :sigh:
  7. ron-c

    ron-c Addicted Member

    For $500 more the buyer could have a new MC275 MKIV. I know which amp I would rather listen to.

  8. emile

    emile Active Member

    and .... a bank robbery for a pair of MI200 :D and a stash of 8005 tubes
  9. ron-c

    ron-c Addicted Member

    Stash? I only have 4 pair of 8005s!

  10. emile

    emile Active Member

    Ron :thmbsp:

    btw what is the estimated life span of a 8005 ?

    Cheers, Emile
  11. ron-c

    ron-c Addicted Member


    I do not know for sure. Being a transmitter tube and designed for 1250 to 1500 volts while the MI200s run them at 930. These do not have a coated plate but the whole plate is the active element. Of course the heater windings will die at some time and the cathode will burn off and emmisions will drop. Maybe the life is many times that of an audio output, probably in the 10 to 20 thousand hour range.


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