Wharfedale Sapphire SP-87

Discussion in 'Speakers' started by d-ray657, Jan 8, 2009.

  1. d-ray657

    d-ray657 Ain't this boogie a mess Subscriber

    I know that Wharfedale has a reputation for quality speakers. I haven't been able to find a lot of information on these. Does anyone have an opinion, impressions?


  2. M Jarve

    M Jarve Audio Geek and NGE Freak Subscriber

    It's a decent speaker. It's quite efficient, with smooth midrange and treble. Bass is pretty good as well, but I always had the impression it was not tuned quite right. I personally liked it better than the TOTL SP89, but I preferred the contemporary Modus Music 1.6 and Emerald 97 more.

    There were a couple versions made, and as a rule, the earlier ones are the better ones. The "True Blue" version was not very good at all, I thought. It is easy to identify this one, as the woofer cone is blue.

    The earlier ones can also be coaxed to get a better sound. First, spread the dampening material out over the walls. For some reason, they usually just rolled it up and dropped it in the bottom. I cannot remember if the 87 had a separate enclosure for the mid-bass driver, but if it does, it will certainly need some absorption material in the sub-enclosure.

    Ultimately, though, give them a good listen and judge for yourself.
  3. d-ray657

    d-ray657 Ain't this boogie a mess Subscriber

    Thanks for the tips. No blue drivers on these. I might have overpaid at $50 for the pair at the SA, but I have liked what I hear so far. I have used it half the time with a sub-woofer and half without.


  4. M Jarve

    M Jarve Audio Geek and NGE Freak Subscriber

    $50 is a steal. These were originally $1000 speakers in the late 1990's.
  5. baw333

    baw333 Active Member

    ty i just read this and was thinking of buying a pair but noticed the blue woofer cone, i love this site!
  6. morgan1819

    morgan1819 New Member

    Interesting. I had a chance to A/B the 'true blue' version, versus the regular, and the blue had a little deeper rumble. I really liked the bass from the blue ... other than that, they sounded identical.

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