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Discussion in 'Speakers' started by LBPete, Dec 21, 2006.

  1. LBPete

    LBPete Rolling Along Subscriber

    Found a pair of Wharfedale W60Ds here locally. The cabinets are very rough but the drivers all looked good. Got them home and found that one tweeter and one mid are dead. Doing an AK search found that these “Purple Donut” tweeters are prone to failure but I was surprised to find one of the mids toasted too. The tweets have huge magnets, it's a shame it doesn't work.

    The construction of these speakers is very impressive. The cabinets are beautifully constructed and covered in English Walnut. They have a cool curved front. The back panel is a full inch thick and filled with sand. The woofers have massive magnets on a cast frame. They also have a big reverse roll surround. The fabric surrounds, cones and dust caps are perfect.

    Here are some pictures of the one good speaker and parts of the others.

    Any suggestions on what can be done for the dead drivers?

    - Pete

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  2. kfa888

    kfa888 Addicted Member

    Really good speakers, I like them better than my AR2ax's everyone likes. i have two sets. Look on Ebay for replacement drivers.
  3. gogofast

    gogofast AK Subscriber Subscriber

    i have a few wharfedales including the 60 and had a few more before. all of them had problems with either tweeters or mids. nevertheless, a few of them had bad caps in their crossovers. after replacing the caps, drivers came back to life. i would replace the crossover caps first, and even if that wasn't the problem, you are doing your speakers good by replacing those caps.
  4. kfa888

    kfa888 Addicted Member

    Odd, all the tweeters and mids work fine in mine but had a bad woofer I needed to replace.

    He has the drivers out so i was assuming he tested them.
  5. gogofast

    gogofast AK Subscriber Subscriber

    yeah, i often find good speakers but usually, for some odd reason, have bad luck with them drivers........ i don't really know much about wharfedale's but their drivers, specially mids and tweets, seem very delicate. i've heard from my friends that battery test or other premative testing will also most likely fry those sensitive drivers (even though i'd never do that). anyways, i do love the sound. very sweet sounding- more crisp and smooth than AR's and Advents, but for some reason, i like AR's better.
  6. LBPete

    LBPete Rolling Along Subscriber

    The coils on the tweeter and mid are open. I checked them with an ohmmeter. I'll keep an eye on ebay for replacements.

    - Pete
  7. rallycat

    rallycat Active Member

    The one cabinet you show isn't what I'd call rough. In need of refinishing - sure, but no crushed corners, canyon-like gouges, or split open seams. I think they used thicker veneer back then, so you have a chance of sanding without going through the veneer.

  8. LBPete

    LBPete Rolling Along Subscriber

    The top you see in the picture is not the worse surface. One has a split corner seam and there are some fairly deep gouges. The marks don't look like they cut all the way through the veneer. They can be cleaned up and made presentable but to do so will mean sanding through a lot of the veneer.

    I'll look more seriously at refinishing when and if I find replacements for the drivers.

    - Pete
  9. MarSanZ

    MarSanZ Simple Pleasures...

    Hey Everyone,

    I have a chance to get a pair of these locally, are they worth buying? They are in good condition. How would you compare them to say... a set of AR-3s?

  10. cabinover

    cabinover Dazed and Confused Subscriber

    I've got a pair of W60Es I think, 2 ways.

    If any of you can use the woofers or mid/tweeters I'd be happy to send them for the cost of shipping. Just remember me when you find a Yamaha CR tone knob.

    PM if you'd like.
  11. kfa888

    kfa888 Addicted Member

    I have AR2AX's I like the W60's better. Don't go as deep but are nice and balanced and have nice mids and top. The Wharfedales are more efficient and handle less / need less wattage.
  12. Brian

    Brian An Old Geezer

    The Wharfedales are designed to run with lower powered amps. Dumping 60 watts on them and turning them up beyond polite levels will fry them. The drivers were designed for a period when 15 - 20 watts was the norm. Think of them as designed to be used in an apt with thin walls and having next door neighbors you like.

    Provided they've not been abused, the drivers actually seem pretty robust except the glue used to mont the tweeter come on the non-covered fried egg tweeters seems to break down after decades. Later tweeters do not exhibit this as of yet as often.

    I have the earlier W70s and love them. Even on critical listening I am hard pressed to find things wrong with them.
  13. LBPete

    LBPete Rolling Along Subscriber

    I've got too much junk and too many projects. Link

    - Pete
  14. cableguy

    cableguy In Twang We Trust Subscriber

    I have a pair of the 60 three ways that are in darn near "like new" condition. I love them and they are on my keeper list. Like Kelly said they are a very balanced and accurate speaker.
  15. logaEexpress

    logaEexpress New Member

    When I take off the screws to the back panel it is hard to get inside as the wires are fairly tight. Did you just cut those to get inside?
  16. ragamuffin

    ragamuffin New Member

    I recently got a pair of w60c, but both tweeters are dead. I noticed pots for treble and midranges are heavily oxidized, sprayed with contact cleaner, but still no sound from tweeter. Does anyone know what would be a good replacement for these?
  17. reggaenaut

    reggaenaut Addicted Member

    Great with KT66 tube amps......Radiocraftsmen 500A. :D
  18. ragamuffin

    ragamuffin New Member

    Bump. Any suggestions for alternate to purple fried egg tweeter? Or should I just wait out until there's one available on e*ay?
  19. ragamuffin

    ragamuffin New Member

    I was hoping to hear from Wharfedale experts out there...I'll just keep monitoring ebay for original tweeter then.
  20. Harvey/ Ga

    Harvey/ Ga Super Member

    Are the tweets fried, (measure them) or X-O problem??

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