Wharfedale W70D (north american models)

Discussion in 'Speakers' started by b3733366, Nov 30, 2013.

  1. b3733366

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    Little update ...

    I said I must like the "fried egg" tweeters since I liked the sound of the speakers .... well as it turns out *both* tweeters are *dead* ... I guess that mid/hi driver goes high enough for me not to have immediately noticed.

    Second, those 8" University drivers proved to have issues as well. When I happened to (just barely) touch the underside of the cone it separated from the surround!

    So the University 8" drivers are out and will be replaced with the 8" woofers from Wharfedale Linton 3 speakers. Played open air the Linton 8" driver sounds much better than the University driver, DC impedance differs only by about 1 ohm, so I'm reasonably optimistic the swap will work out.

    I should have all this done, including re-cap, in a few days ... they will have start out with the dead tweeters. If they sound promising I will be on the look out for Super 3 or the original fried-egg tweeters ... here's hoping!
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    good idea
  3. Gang-Twanger

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    What kind of surrounds do the University mids have? Perhaps they came unglued (and that could be why they don't sound right). Did you check the crossover? Bad/cracked solder points can cause the tweeter issue. Kinda' weird that both are dead.
  4. b3733366

    b3733366 New Member

    OK here is the new W. from the Linton 3. It is the right size, efficiency doesn't seem to be a mismatch, within am ohm, the University is a screamer in comparison, I think it is a cheap replacement for the original blown drivers.

    This one has the same basic inverted surround as the woofer, the materials seem a bit cheaper, the year is [correction] 71-75, but still good. It sounds basically full range to me when I play it open air.

    no gasket so improvisation ...


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  5. b3733366

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    Regarding the tweeter I'm talking about measuring them with an excellent multi-meter - they're shorted. I already tore one apart, it was fried where the wire ran straight to the voice coil.


    (before silicone and bypass caps)

  6. BilboBaggins

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    I have a pair of Denton/W20D 8 inch cast basket woofers from Denton cabinets. Is this an Alnico?

    The purple tweeter is identical to the one shown on this thread. The other tweeter was toast.

    I have the other style of purple tweeter in my Dovedale 3s, and I love the way it sounds. The imaging is exceptional on the Dovedales.

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  7. b3733366

    b3733366 New Member

    I would think so. As I understand it was later that W. switched to ceramic (?) magnets.

    A more authoritative answer (Gang-Twanger?) would be nice however. ;)
  8. PastTechFan

    PastTechFan AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Nope, don't think so. Looks like ferrite (ceramic) to me (just square, not round). Wharfedale did do square alnicos, but those aren't them.

    Easy thing with Wharfies, if they're alnico, the mags are bright red, unless we're into "Super" tweets, in which case they're gold. Think cylindrical.

    Broad and shallow, black, or steel blue = non-alnico. Not the end of the world. Lots of good Wharfies with ferrite.
  9. Gang-Twanger

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    Right. Not alnico. The W**D models were all ceramic. The W70C had an alnico mid with a square magnet structure, but it's hard to miss.

    By the way, I'm right in the middle of trying to upload a new demo video. Here's hoping (It took me two hours just to straighten out my YouTube account). I'll do some better ones later, but this will just be a little taste.
  10. b3733366

    b3733366 New Member

    Done. Well without tweeters. But into the main system they went replacing Tannoy Arden, needless to say they were doomed.

    Again it is strange how close to full range they sound anyway.

    They stayed in place for 2 whole days and played a lot so that in itself is something.

    Mixed feeling about these but of course reserving judgement for when get some tweeters some day.
  11. b3733366

    b3733366 New Member

    Update - I landed a excellent pair of purple fried-egg tweeters (some call them purple jelly-fish - fellow from west coast (bc) who I got them from ... hey they take mushrooms out there so jelly-fish it is).

    Unfortunately I deleted all the pics I had in this thread, damn it

    So they are both installed, both measuring fine (4.7 and 5.1, something like that) and I just have to connect the wires but don't have an original pic to do it correctly.

    Anyone have a picture with the back of W70 D so I can see the tweeter wiring ... for example it might be wired out of polarity on purpose?

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  12. b3733366

    b3733366 New Member

    Found old pics ... now listening first time with tweeter ... so far so good

    (oh, tweeter was wired reverse polarity compared the other three)

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