What got you into Klipsch?

Discussion in 'The Klipsch Korner' started by techguy0192, Aug 9, 2018.

  1. techguy0192

    techguy0192 Keep McIntosh amps carbon fiber free! Subscriber

    Curious to hear the feedback on this. What brought you to Klipsch and keeps you coming back to the brand? System evolution that led you to horns?


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  2. blue72

    blue72 Active Member

    Southern Utah
    I'll bite. My first Klipsch speakers were a pair of KG 5.5 that I bought from a thrift store. After reading up on horn systems, I began to appreciate their sensitivity and dynamic capabilities. Then I built a KG 5.5 center channel and began using them in my home theater system. At first they sounded harsh in some instances. Particular female voices were where it was most noticeable, or when they were played above a certain volume level. Later I found a pair of KLF-20 at that same thrift store. Either they didn't sound as harsh, or I've grown used to the sound. It is now out of hand because I've got four industrial La Scala cabinets and plans to horn load all the things.
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  3. 432HzBob

    432HzBob Addicted Member

    West Coast
    Their efficiency.
    Have a HH Scott 200-b tube amp that is only 15wpc and Klipsch is what they drive best.
    Not a huge fans of horns as they cut a hole right through my skull, but with tubes they seem to have a better sound.
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  4. usedto

    usedto Lunatic Member

    Central Moonbeamia
    Heard a pair of Khorns back in the mid 70s at a stereo shop in Sacramento while I was in college. I swore I'd own a pair some day, but couldn't afford them back then.

    Found a $100 pair of KG4s in 2006, Cornwalls for $400 in 2008, and then a pair of Khorns for $1000 in 2010. Still have all three, plus a $50 pair of KG2s.
  5. audio-ed

    audio-ed Well-Known Member

    Dayton ohio
    Found a pair of KG4's at a garage sale 25 years ago for $11 . Then found a pair of heresy 2's .All I had was S.S. equipment back then and I just couldn't get used to them . Now fast forward 25 years and I find a set of Heresy HBR's from 1985 and I love them .I get plenty of bass out of them and the horns with my tubes sound fantastic.
  6. Thocom

    Thocom AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Lawrenceville, NJ
    One word: Tubes

    There aren’t many speakers that will sound as good with 8 watts pushing them. My Cornwalls have never let me down in that regard.
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  7. fredgarvin

    fredgarvin AK Subscriber Subscriber

    I brought home a pair of Quartets from CL for a nice price I couldn't refuse. Really on a whim. The 'live in your room' sound was a quick hook. I had been using hybrid planar, ribbon speakers for 12 years or so. The Quartets came close in imaging, equal bass response and were better in dynamics. The ribbons had a bit more air up top. Both sounded similar in many ways. But the closer was the larger sweet spot (no head in a vise!) and the much better off axis sound. Other speakers now sound as if the life has been partially choked out of them.
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  8. twiiii

    twiiii Addicted Member

    west Texas
    My room mate in college had a pair of Cornwalls, while I had Symphonies at home. I inherited a pair of Herseys used for rear channels that I moved to the master bed room. They ended up as playback monitor speakers in a large rehearsal choir room. My buddy sold his Corn walls when he married and bought Yamaha NS 1000, yuk!. Another friend had A7's and then Betas, His wife sold them and tried Corner horns but kept her Betas, which were replaced with my Concert Grands and 4005 Symphonies and B-313's for a HT system, when we got together. Don't need subs with that many woofers. 16.

    Of all the Klipsch systems I installed before I retired my favorite was 2 klipschorns with a Belle in the center for stereo, and 7 Herseys with two SW 15's for HT. One doctor had a big room with high ceilings that were truncated on sides and rear. He had two Klipschorns and a Belle in the front, 4 Altec 604's mounted in the ceiling slanted surfaces to the side and rear and a pair of those motor driven woofer systems with the two passive radiators each for subs. MC 7106 and MC 100 for the Klipsch and Altecs and a MC 2500 for the subs.
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  9. KlipschFan61

    KlipschFan61 Smooth Jazzer

    Manchester, NH
    Had a friend that swore by them and finally convinced me to buy his extra pair of Heresys. Traded up for some Choruses, which in turn I traded for the La Scalas I've had for the past 27 years.

    I just like the way they sound. I've had numerous pair of acoustic suspension speakers as well as a pair of Ohm Walsh 2's and although they all exhibited decent audio characteristics, they just never compared favorably to a properly driven (toobs) set of horns.
  10. kfalls

    kfalls Super Member

    Dennison, Illinois
    I purchased a pair of Kg4s after the surrounds on my bull-nose Advents deteriorated. Back then installing new surrounds wasn't as popular or available as today. I bought them for a two channel system which included a Yamaha R-9 and Sharp RT-3388 cassette deck. A few years later Dolby Pro-Logic became popular so I purchased an MX-35 4ch amp, a DSR-100 Pro processor, a pair of RS-3 surrounds and a pair of Kg2s, one to be used for the center. Always loved the sound. I eventually purchased another pair of Kg4s, KFS2.1, B2s, KV3, KV2, KLF-C7 and a GMX-D5.1 system. I'm not a big fan of the current models. The older speakers have more warmth and better tonal balance to my ears.
  11. biscuithead

    biscuithead Me likes the eargasm retroplasm... Subscriber

    Northern Colorado
    Cornwalls and a Marrantz 8b followed me home within a few months of each other. It was just natural with them sitting in the same room together that they "hooked up" one night. Now they are permanently hooked to each other, never to be separated. Their little family has grown too, with twin Fortes and a quad of Heresys. KG4s are about to go off to college and a Lascalla build is underway in the shop. Klipsch. Yeah.


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  12. Jirachi

    Jirachi Active Member

    the not so famous /g/ - Technology board
  13. 851 SP3

    851 SP3 Active Member

    Canton, Ohio
    My best friend bought a pair of Fortes while in the Army. I couldn't settle on a what to buy (also in the Army; not based together) until I got home. I ended up going with a pair of Dahlquist M905s. We got home within a month of each other and lived near each other so we could compare systems within minutes. We even swapped pieces around. I loved my system with the Dahlquists but I always like his system, too. Decades later, he gave my son (most of) his original system, including the Fortes. Still have all the bits, still love the sound. I bought a pair of KG 5.5s a couple years later and they made their way into my system (after stupidly selling my M905s) where they get regular use. Should I ever win the lottery, which would allow me to have a house with a proper listening room, I will have a set of Klipschorns.
  14. musichal

    musichal poet emeritus Subscriber

    Norman OK
    I had read about Klipsch speakers for many years when I walked into a shop that I wasn't even certain was an audio business until I found myself looking at Nakamichi, Klipsch, McIntosh, Crown, Audio Research, ADS, PSB, Luxman and several other notable brands. This was in the mid-80s, in a small town, and the owner had almost every current model of every brand on display, especially the TOTL models. Room after room, and in the biggest one I heard Khorns for the first time, and was highly impressed. I spent about an hour with the owner, then found myself with a job because of all the info I had read over the years about the products, and my general experience in sales. Added two more semesters to a rather checkered collegiate experience while working full-time there, the most fun I ever had OTJ.

    The Khorn was my dream speaker for awhile, and I finally procured a pair that I ultimately sold, but kept a pair of Fortes that fit my bedroom well. If my den were configured differently, I'd have kept the corner-horns, too. Unless I had room for some big Maggies, which is a rabbit tunnel I'd love to spelunk. Just wouldn't be able to pull them far enough from the back wall, even if I had a pair. The Khorn experience left me very mindful of speaker-to-room matching. Every time I think maybe I should sell the Fortes, I just turn on the system back there and quickly change my mind.

    Interesting to me was the owner's story of how his business began. He spent all his time studying, and his wife told him he needed to find a hobby they could share. He chose audio, and they went to Hope to check out Khorns. Subsequently made a handshake deal with Paul Klipsch to sell Klipsch speakers from his home, which turned into a business requiring its own space. Like most audio emporiums, it exists no longer, more's the pity. Ran into the owner in a nice restaurant a few years later and he told me his top audio years were mine, and bought me a juicy filet mignon as we talked things audio.
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  15. dly66

    dly66 Active Member

    Greensboro, NC
    I remember horns, I built a pair of DIY speakers for my brother somewhere around 1987 that used a McGee Electronics package deal on the EV T35 and I think the 8 HD midrange horn with an 1823 or similar driver. Paired them with a 15" MTX woofer and vented it, rolled off around 65 Hz but at least 94 dB or so efficient. The articulation of the horns with that set of speakers introduced me to horns and was impressive. I think my brother still has them I would love to get a hold of them and use the horns in a different speaker arrangement.

    A few years ago I got a pair of KG 5.2s from a guy in Durham for about a $100. He had upgraded to a pair of Heresy. I think the K77 and T35 are basically the same tweeter. The horns have an airy quality to them. Can use lower power receivers and still fill the room with sound. Then again I also like my ancient KLH Model 17s in my workroom.
  16. Coytee

    Coytee Super Member

    Knoxville, TN
    I was 18 and walked into my local audio store. I saw some strange speakers in the corner...could not figure out how they worked because I couldn't see the woofer in them (Khorns).

    Perplexed, I asked to hear them. I was absolutely drop-jawed and how the room was pressurized and filled with sound. I had never heard anything so life-like.....in my life.

    Knew at age 18, Khorns were rather expensive. Went into other room and pointed at "those" (LaScalas) and asked to hear them. He put some music on and again, my buddy & I were impressed with what we heard....but....I had a nagging issue in the back of my head. "How can a speaker SO large, be SO weak on bass???" I turned to the salesman who was laughing his hiney off (at our expense). He pulled his favorite little trick on us.

    On top of the LaScalas were a pair of Heresy's. We thought we were listening to the LaScalas but he was actually playing the Heresy. Jokes over, he played the LaScalas and I thought "that's more like it!!"

    Went back a year later at age 19 and bought a pair. I still have that pair 39 years later.

    Once I was in my own home, I kicked myself thinking why not get some Khorns?? Especially with the advent of the internet & such. I found a pair and brought them home. About six/seven years later, I was at a gathering in Hope and heard the Jubilee's. I was instantly smitten with their huge scale of sound and clarity... came home and showed them to my wife (who was trying to engage me into a totally different conversation) Finally, she said "oh, do what you want to do" and went about her business.

    So, being smart as I am.... I shut the heck up.... ordered the Jubilee's and put the Khorns up for sale. Khorns sold literally within 3 hours of listing, guy came that weekend to get them and I had to wait about 5 weeks before the Jubilee's would show up. Longest wait I think I've ever endured.

    As much as I lusted for Khorns for decades..... I have not missed them for 154 nano-seconds since their departure, the improvement in sound is that much better.

    (LaScalas got relegated to rear-channel duty)


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  17. skbubba

    skbubba New Member

    Went to the hi-fi store (remember those?) back in the 90s to buy replacements for my third-hand Advents that had developed foam rot. Listened to a bunch of speakers in my price range. The salesman asked me what I listened to and what my old speakers were, and steered me to the Quartets. Bought them for around $800. Have had them ever since, listen to them daily. Did the Crites upgrades a few years ago and they are better than new. They do double duty for stereo and home theater. Been through a lot of amps/receivers, media types, playback devices, etc., but the Quartets remain constant. Love the "live" sound.

    I've been lusting after a pair of the new Forte IIIs, but having a hard time believing they would be a $3600 improvement.
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  18. teashea

    teashea Active Member

    I purchased a pair of K horns and that got me hooked. Since then I have had a variety of Klipsch speakers. My newest ones are three pairs of Heresy III's and two pairs of Forte III's. To me the Forte III's are the best speakers Klipsch had made.
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  19. skbubba

    skbubba New Member

    Hmmm, tell me more!
  20. Chubba

    Chubba Active Member

    StCatharines Ont Canada
    I looked after/used a pair of LaScalas for six months and liked them a lot.Years latter bought the RF-7II and like them as well.

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