What Record Are You Hearing Now?

Discussion in 'Turntables' started by zeplin43, Dec 31, 2009.

  1. capt.chaos

    capt.chaos Super Member


    Pink Floyd
    Wish You Were Here
  2. chicks

    chicks Lunatic Member

  3. Elitemav

    Elitemav Well-Known Member

  4. eddisc

    eddisc Super Member

    anyone happen to listen to Elton John's 11-17-70 in honor of that broadcast?? I find it still holds up well... YMMV
  5. blowitup

    blowitup AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Neil Young & the International Harvesters: A Treasure :thmbsp:
  6. 63pontiacgp

    63pontiacgp "Tubes Smell Good" Subscriber

    Freddy King Just Pickin'


  7. Elitemav

    Elitemav Well-Known Member

  8. Montycat

    Montycat AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Just tryin' to change the world with Gil Scott-Heron - From South Africa to South Carolina

  9. Ken Boyd

    Ken Boyd AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Planet P Project

    Pink World

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  10. jtrammell

    jtrammell Active Member

    Boots Randolph
  11. illini

    illini The Past is Alive

    Motorhead - No sleep 'till Hammersmith (BRON 535)

  12. Northman

    Northman Active Member

    KISS - Monster

    Sorry guy, I know it's the unteenth time and unoriginal, but I just can't shake this album!
  13. SwingModern

    SwingModern Well-Known Member

    The Connells, Fun and Games

  14. yosemitemtb

    yosemitemtb Turn it up!

    I just picked that up the other day! It's sitting on a shelf right in front of me.
  15. Brooklynwgtn

    Brooklynwgtn Member

    Toy Love

    re pressing Low fi NZ Punk form the late 1970s

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  16. Montycat

    Montycat AK Subscriber Subscriber

    The Best of Savoy Brown

  17. Elitemav

    Elitemav Well-Known Member

  18. chicks

    chicks Lunatic Member

  19. illini

    illini The Past is Alive

    Laurie Anderson - O Supermman / Walk the dog (OTR005AA, 7")

  20. Catcher10

    Catcher10 Prog-tastic! Subscriber

    Almost done with this one.......1 more side to go


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