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What was the last movie you watched?

Discussion in 'Movies & Television' started by outlawmws, Feb 18, 2007.

  1. Eric H

    Eric H AK Subscriber Subscriber

    So. Calif
    Hitchcock (2012). Fairly standard Biopic, but Hopkins & Mirren completely nailed their characters! The whole cast was outstanding really.


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  2. Hyfi

    Hyfi Addicted Member

    Bucks County, PA
    If there was ever a category for Best Movie to follow it's Soundtrack, it would have to be Baby Driver.

    Baby Driver has one of the best soundtracks I have encountered for a long time. And it's not just the music, it is how the scenes in the movie flow to the music. I have never heard Hocus Pocus by Focus in a movie, let alone have a gun fight where the shots are timed to the music. Also, the Driving and chase scenes are on par with the F&F movies.

    I already got the soundtrack and have been enjoying it and will surely watch the movie again because I am sure I missed some of the music-movie connections.

    Highly recommended for many reasons, Kevin Spacey, Jamie Fox and the main actor Ansel Elgort are all terrific. But the Music........
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  3. hjames

    hjames beware of folks offering Cakes Staff Member Moderator Subscriber

    VA near DC
    It should win awards for full length music video!!

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  4. fredgarvin

    fredgarvin AK Subscriber Subscriber

    We watched Bubba Hotep again. Such an absurd movie and so funny.

    I then noticed there was a series on netflix called Ash vs the Evil Dead, with Bruce Campbell reprising his role as Ash. What a stinkeroo. I lasted 10 minutes tops.
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  5. MaxxVolume

    MaxxVolume Addicted Member

    "The Bank Job" (2008)
    The scene: London, 1971....Terry Leather (Jason Statham) is a small-time used-car dealer who seems to live on the ragged edge of the law. When an old neighborhood girlfriend approaches Terry with plans for a (supposedly) low-risk bank heist, he decides to do it, and assembles a ragtag crew of friends and acquaintances. Despite the long odds, they manage to get into the vault where all the safe-deposit boxes are, and begin cracking those boxes open. They find far more than they had bargained for, and must face new challenges at every turn.
    Good film, very entertaining.
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  6. I have this on DVD and also watched it via Netflix. Zero disrespect to the Transporter series and other similar output from Statham, it actually felt good to see him being allowed to bring more depth to a role beyond high-speed driving, hand-to-hand combat, and (admittedly cool) stunts. I think I've watched this film three or so times already and it proved enjoyable with each viewing.
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  7. MaxxVolume

    MaxxVolume Addicted Member

    Agree 100%....good to see Statham stretching beyond those stereotypical roles. I also like him in "Snatch", another awesome film which also stars Dennis Farina, Brad Pitt, Vinnie Jones, and more.
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  8. the skipper

    the skipper Amateur Curmudgeon Subscriber

    Just took the grand-kids to see the new Jumanji. I loved it. I can't remember laughing at anything this much lately. Don't try to analyze it, just enjoy the ride. It was great fun.

    Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart are a perfect comedy team. Jack Black was a hoot. And, I would watch anything where Karen Gillan prances around in hot pants. The ending was uber corny but it was a fun ride. I don't regret seeing it and I might even buy it.

    jumanji 2017.jpg
  9. jimfet

    jimfet AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Snatch is one of my favorites. One of the few characters that doesn't fight in the film and also a great narrator.
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  10. KiM3Ce

    KiM3Ce AK Subscriber Subscriber

    "Blade Runner 2049". I wish I had re-watched the original first, but I still enjoyed it. 2 1/2 hours is a bit long.
  11. davidb1

    davidb1 AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Sandy Springs GA


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  12. ducati_EL34

    ducati_EL34 Super Member

    The Last Lullaby. I own it and watch it periodically.
  13. ducati_EL34

    ducati_EL34 Super Member

    And a WRX!
  14. Uncle Bambi

    Uncle Bambi Funky Tut

    San Ramon, CA
    Better than Joe Dirt?!?!? :)
  15. MaxxVolume

    MaxxVolume Addicted Member

    "Little Odessa" (1995) Stars Tim Roth, Edward Furlong, Moira Kelly, and Vanessa Redgrave

    Set in the Brighton Beach section of Brooklyn, the story follows a family of Soviet Jews, in which one of the sons, Joshua, (Roth) is a hit man for the Russian mob.
    Joshua has a price on his head, and must protect his younger brother (Furlong) from the oncoming danger. Bleak, yet rather intriguing. Worth watching, just for the locale settings.
  16. KeninDC

    KeninDC Speedfreak Jive Subscriber

    Jeremiah Johnson (1972). I'm on a Western kick. This one's a straight narrative with some great wilderness backgrounds and occasionally questionable musical montages. Lots of the same themes as Josie Wales, but not as good. Still, I enjoyed watching Redford in a role that was originally meant for Eastwood. Eastwood bagged and went on to do Dirty Harry.


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  17. Johnno_Oz

    Johnno_Oz AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Sydney Australia
    Manchester by the Sea. Casey Affleck was superb. I've never seen an actor with ability to express sadness so well....... but hold it in as a lot of us men are prone to do. He was on a real knife edge.
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  18. jbrainey

    jbrainey Always had more dogs than bones Subscriber

    Last night I watched these back to back. The first time I had watched the original from 1982. I really don't know what all the hype was about as both struggled to keep my attention. Not a total waste of time but nothing memorable besides maybe a 22 year old Sean Young.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  19. NeedForSpeed

    NeedForSpeed Living In The Past Subscriber

    SF Bay Area
    Austin Powers, Just today.
  20. slow_jazz

    slow_jazz AK Subscriber Subscriber

    SE Michigan, Downriver....
    Watched The Rookie with Charlie Sheen and Clint Eastwood catching car thieves.

    Charlie did quite well.
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