What's a Toshiba SA-775 worth?

Discussion in 'Dollars and Sense' started by Vistance, Feb 5, 2011.

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    So I have the opportunity to buy one of these interesting looking receivers, but given a small number of them on eBay and no sales to give indicators I'm not really sure what this thing is worth. It's definitely very interesting and cool looking, but can anyone tell me what would be a good offer on something like it? Any spec information either? All I do know is that it's 75 watts a channel.

    Here's what they look like:




    EDIT: Sometimes I wonder why I bother...if I'm not asking something stupidly obvious like "Gee is this McIntosh tube amp worth $50?" or something similar, I won't get an answer. Nevermind, guess I'll just base off what people asked on eBay. Carry on the same discussions of value over Pioneer, Sansui, Marantz and every other mainstream company everyone should already know what the stuff is worth that just gets beat to death...or post an eBay auction so everyone can complain about how much the seller wants for whatever they're selling.
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    Vistance: Toshiba's just don't get a lot of play around here. So I guess,look at the completed auctions on ebay. I did,and there's one that has been listed three times,hasen't sold yet. But I would use the dollar per wpc guide,and add,or substract value for condition,and how it functions. But than it really just comes down to,how much do you really want it?There was one here in town,last week sold for 60 bucks,so you never know till you try.
    Good looking receiver though... good luck.
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    I have one of those - pretty nice receiver - very clean and neutral preamp section.
    u know, this was posted yesterday. As you pointed out yourself, you do not see many of these around so you can not expect a bunch of immediate responses on what someone thinks it is worth.
    Patience really can be a virtue. As they say, you attract more bees with honey then vitriol. Think about it for a minute - am I going to get more help by being patient or getting pissed off because I did not get an immediate answer ?
    Trust me on this one - go with patience, you will be a much happier man

    I am just guessing on the value. I would not sell mine , but it is my garage stereo and gets a lot of abuse (too bad as it is a nice receiver). If I saw one for around $75.00 I would buy it, $100 or so, I doubt it.
    But I am a separates guy and really no longer look for receivers.
    Seems to me I listed mine on CL a while back for $125.00 as I have too many receivers - not even a nibble and it is in really nice condition (well, now it may be full of sawdust :yes:)
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