Whats going on with my b283?

Discussion in 'Grant Fidelity' started by glum, Feb 8, 2010.

  1. glum

    glum yamaha and stuff

    Iv had it for about 10 days.sounds good no major issues.
    But whats with it when I turn it on it puts my m50 in protection during the time it takes to ENERGIZE once it charges and starts to emit sound the amp goes out of protection.
    I have started to turn on the b283 let it warm till I hear it through the speakers a fant snap then turn on the amps.Then on turn off (it all so goes in to pro tect when the b283 powers down) I will turn the amps off first then the b283.To avoid the issue.
    But what causes this?
    Oh ya with the 283 off or out of the chain the m50 and m45 come out of protect on a 6 count togather but with the 283 in and on it takes the m50 10to 12 count.
  2. iGrant

    iGrant Grant Fidelity Forum Moderator

    Hi Glum,

    Not knowing your amp besides a quick google, I would have to guess that the protection is seeing this weird circuit in front of it being energized and thinking it needs to protect itself against it and then realizing it has stabilized at line level, says to itself ok, all is good lets make music.

    Even though the B-283 has a no thump power on, it is always a very good idea to turn things on in sequence from the sources and off on the reverse.

    I wonder if the protection device is choking the amp? I don't like things that have to think prior to letting power pass, dynamics are lost, such as surge and spike protection that comes with an insurance policy. Is there some way to defeat it on your amp?

  3. glum

    glum yamaha and stuff

    HI Ian thanks for the reply.Can you please elaborate. "such as surge and spike protection that comes with an insurance policy"?.
    Is there some way to defeat it.? No its not a option.
    It seems ok as long as I get the sequence right.
  4. iGrant

    iGrant Grant Fidelity Forum Moderator

    Those power bars that cover you for to xxx amount of dollars for anything plugged into them, fine for source and gear that doesn't have current changes, but not for amps IMO.

  5. glum

    glum yamaha and stuff

    Ok got it .Thay were conected to the type you described. Got rid of it and afew problems went away.
  6. rllrll

    rllrll New Member

    b283 vs b283mkII vs tube dac-09

    I currently have a b283 in my all SS 2 ch system. The b283 provides a subtle
    warmth which improves the sound to my ears.
    I am looking to increase the tube sound. Would the b283 mkII
    be a substantial change over the b283, or would it be better to use the
    tube dac-09 with the b283?

  7. iGrant

    iGrant Grant Fidelity Forum Moderator

    Hi RL,

    It would depend on your system and your budget. We all by now know what the B-283 does on mid priced or vintage type systems with a few having success on high priced systems. The jury is still out on the MKII, but I have a good idea of what it will do on higher priced system.

    Just a few nights ago I was over at my friends home who has been a dealer for 25 years, loves the P-307 and B-283 in his studio and guitar rack. His second playback system is Focal and Rega, peorbably about 7k retail and the difference with the MKII was stunning, way more life in the recording.

    Note that this was with the GF-Shuguang CV181-Z Treasures, our PC-1.5 power cable and two MRCA-1 cables adding nearly $1300 to the cost of the MKII.

    This is the point I try and make, the B-283 does a fantastic job out of the box without any additional cost, yes you can spend money on upgraded cords and tubes, but none of these costs are going to come anywhere near what the B-283 being added to the system will. The MKII can empty your wallet pretty quickly and is more for those that have a near perfect SS system and want to add some tubes. For $1500 retail for an all decked out MKII, I'd be looking at our A-348 tube amp for $1100 or our A-534B for $1600 and be doing the real thing !!


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