Where to buy Deoxit

Discussion in 'DIY' started by UncleDave, Sep 12, 2007.

  1. UncleDave

    UncleDave New Member

    I know this is likely a very elementary question, but where would one buy this deoxit I see mentioned. I live in upstate New York so the selection of stores is somewhat limited.

  2. ShaneC

    ShaneC Super Member

    I found some at the local radioshack.
  3. ekmanning5

    ekmanning5 Time has told me... Subscriber

    Here in Illinois we may go to Guitar Center.
  4. Fred Longworth

    Fred Longworth audio fanatic

    I would buy it from AK sponsor dealer Parts Express.

  5. Chipp

    Chipp Computer nut gone stereo!

    As would be my choice. Great people to deal with.

    Getting there via this link sends some $$ back to AK.
  6. avionic

    avionic Aim High !!! Subscriber

  7. CharlieBee

    CharlieBee Well-Known Member

    Try the Yellow telephone pages under Electronics Supplies, or Industrial Electronic Supplies. Most cities and towns have such a business, usually in the industrial part of town. Phone a few and ask if they have Deoxit and how much? This will be your best bet for resistors and other electronic parts, cheaper and better source than Radio Shack.

  8. Cosmic Charlie

    Cosmic Charlie Well-Known Member

    I got a sweet deal a while back off that auction site. 2 X 5oz pump spray cans of D5 for under $20 shipped. Still have a full can plus 3/4 of the other. Radio Shack sells the small areosol cans (0.5 oz) as a set of D5, and progold for approx $15. It is good stuff. CC

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