Which Interconnects Are You Guys Using With Your Infinities?

Discussion in 'Infinity Loudspeakers' started by Infinity!, Nov 30, 2017.

  1. trinhsman

    trinhsman Well-Known Member

    Morrow MA7's, SP7's, and PH7's. Yes, they do sound better............IMHO.
  2. Manuel64

    Manuel64 Active Member

    Wow, simply Wow!!!

    Thanks for that video. I remember years back, skeptic James Randi challenged Michael Fremer to a double blind test to see if he could tell the difference between his extremely expensive wire and some ordinary monster wire. I think Fremer refused to do it. It was some years ago and I only read a couple of articles about the challenge, so I don't know the details.

    His listening space is horrible. What a mess. I was expecting a nice listening room setup, as the room is just as important to the sound quality, but I guess the equipment is all the matters to these guys.
  3. Jygesq

    Jygesq Well-Known Member

    xlo type 1200 speaker cables. 30ft run for rt channel, 15 ft run for left .
  4. buzshaws

    buzshaws Member

    Mogami Neglex W2549 for all line level connections. For phono I also use this as well as Mogami Neglex Quad W2534 (slightly higher capacitance but better noise rejection if needed) and Pro-Ject Connect-It RCA-CC 1.23m. Infinitesimals presently very happy with Kimber Kable 4VS speaker cable over other options I have on hand here.

    That said, the Infinitesimals sound to my liking with the Kimber 4VS. On my Linn speakers the Linn K-20 cable is most often preferred but Monster M1 can be used agreeably depending on amp. On the Thiel speakers I prefer Monster M1 or Monster Powerline 3.

    I'd use any brand speaker wire that proves sonically beneficial for the amp/speaker combination, even if it was something generic. I've come to the conclusion it's all about resistance, capacitance, and inductance of any wire that determines the final sound, so what sounds great on one amp/speaker set-up may be surprisingly different on another, so always listen and follow your ear over pedigree! IMO, if all speaker wire were required to list its LCR specs, we'd be able to reliably predict which would be better matches for our systems. Speaker wire isn't black magic or snake oil, it's actually very valid. Some amp/speaker combinations are more sensitive to variations than others. The Infinities I use are possibly more responsive to speaker cable changes than my Thiels or Linns, at least with the amp currently in play. Ironically, change that amp and the speaker cable that worked so well may no longer be the best choice (or may be), or so I've found in my experience.
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  5. rdka

    rdka Active Member

    Myrtle Beach
    Mit 330 interconnects and Mit 750 for the speakers. That was the setup lots of folks liked when they were manufactured.
  6. Jygesq

    Jygesq Well-Known Member

    correction XL type 600 only single run, NOT double XLO 1200
  7. Infinity!

    Infinity! Active Member

    Okay, I have to post this because of how much of a difference I have heard by getting nice interconnects. I am not trying to boast here at all, I am simply wanting to share my findings with you all so that you hopefully can experience what I have found.

    Long story short, I have a friend who works for a company who can get insane discounts for Audioquest cables. Ie: 60% off. Well, I decided to get the most expensive interconnects they sold online because why the hell not? At 60% off, why not, right?

    To give a little backstory, before I bought my audioquest cables, I was using Mediabridge cables that I bought on Amazon. About 10 bucks per 20 foot cable. I always thought they were good quality, seemed sturdy and well made. Well, I unplugged everything, connected my new audioquest cables, and I couldn't believe the instant difference(s). I played some Renee Olstead, Stacey Kent, Chuck Israels, and Diana Krall. The mids and highs got way cleaner, way clearer, all while becoming a little more smooth and easier to listen to. I couldnt believe it. More air was added to the highs, instruments became way more noticeable, but with no added harshness at all. Audioquest states that most harshness heard is caused by distortion through cables.

    After listening to some songs with excellent vocals, i then tried some songs to test out the bass... It was just as dramatic of a difference as it was for the highs! More slam, more articulate, and more refined. I haven't tried them on my Kappa 9's yet, but on my IIb's, they even reached 4 Hz lower after replacing the cables. I used my RABOS test frequencies kit to see how low they could hit, and it reached 21hz!

    Lastly, my speakers have next to no sound coming from them anymore. Everyone ALWAYS told me that humming/buzzing coming from speakers was due to grounding issues, and although I do believe there is some truth to that, there is almost none now and all I have done is replace cables. I have never heard these speakers idle so quietly. I think a lot of this has to do with the Audioquest DBS system(s), which is essentially active shielding for the cables.

    So, I am now a firm believer in buying nice cables. The differences were dramatic and I honestly dont think I could go back. I hope you guys get a chance to hear the difference some time, because you will be blown away... I promise.

    If anyone is wondering, these are the cables I bought (they are all audioquest btw):

    6' 6" Yukon (IIb EQ to Amps)
    2, 2' Victoria's (Dac to preamp, preamp to IIb EQ)
    5' Coffee USB A-B ( Computer to Dac)
    2, NRG 2's (1 for my Dac, 1 for my preamp)

    Btw, I upgraded one cable at a time and it wasn't until I upgraded all the cables that I noticed the biggest difference. Just an fyi.

    Now to speaker wire.... it's only money right!? ;)
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  8. itsjim

    itsjim New Member

    For the speakers (Q2s), I'm using Schmitt Custom Audio
    4x12 Gauge Reference 100 Bi-wire Speaker Cables
    8' spade to spade
    200 bucks for a pair.

    Sounds awesome! Better than the lamp cord that Infinity recommended in the manual!

    For the interconnects I'm using some various Monster RCA cables I had laying around.
    Half planning to upgrade, but my rig is old SAE stuff and I can't see spending more for
    cables than I did for the active components.
  9. Tedrick

    Tedrick Infinity-phile

    Gainesville, FL
    Studio system: mix of Audioquest Coral and Diamondback and Nordost Blue Heaven ICs, Audioquest Bedrock speaker cables, PS Audio power cables with RS-IIbs.

    Living Room: Audioquest Diamondback and Coral ICs, Audioquest Rockefeller speaker cables, PS Audio power cables with original Modulus + Genesis G928 sub.
  10. musicman95

    musicman95 Member

    Near Portland Oregon
    I can still hear the cables getting better as they break in. I think the big "ah ha" moment was when I listened to Phil Keaggy Morning Snow. The presentation always made it sound as if the guitars were layered on top of each other, but with the new cables I could here exactly where they were sitting, how close or far from the recording mic, the recording had never sounded more real and tangible. With less distortion the speakers became so easy to listen to that I found myself listening to the badly recorded music that I usually have to save for the car speakers. The cables were definitely worth the investment.

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