Who bought the Fried R's in KC today?

Discussion in 'Dollars and Sense' started by cubby01, Apr 24, 2012.

  1. cubby01

    cubby01 aka Buck Subscriber

    You almost lost them.
  2. Celt

    Celt Space Doggy Super Mod Subscriber

    Fried chicken at KFC?
  3. Yeah, this isn't really news, is it? ;)
  4. cubby01

    cubby01 aka Buck Subscriber

    Actually they were IMF "R"s with the KEF drivers. These guys
  5. petehall347

    petehall347 the brandy coffee man

    wasn't me :D
  6. SimplySound

    SimplySound Kent Engineering & Fondry

    Why even mess around... ;)

  7. audiomagnate

    audiomagnate AK Subscriber Subscriber

    I used to sell the R's. Wonderful speakers. Not as well made as IMFs or Kefs, but they sounded excellent. It's great to see them getting some respect.
  8. Michael Powers

    Michael Powers Well-Known Member

    I almost bought pair of these 20 years ago. Another of my many regrets. I've never heard IMF's, but I liked Fried Model R's more than any KEF's I'd listened to (and I like KEF's; they had more 'slam' in the bass. Fried sounded more natural to my ear and went maybe a little deeper). What does "not as well made" mean?
  9. audiomagnate

    audiomagnate AK Subscriber Subscriber

    They were ripoffs of the original IMF (Irving M Fried) designs that came out of England after a dispute. Mike Wright (sp) was the real designer AFAIK. Bud/Irving was a great guy, but he had no real engineering experience. He was a Philadelphia lawyer with some marketing flair. I knew the guy. The sub/satellite system was, a real Bud Fried innovation. That was huge. The Rs are amazing, but I'm also amazed he didn't get sued for ripping off his past companys' designs. I guess that's when it's good to be a big shot lawyer. All of the Frieds were cheaply made. IMFs were gorgeous. I took a pair of Studios and the big ones apart, simply cost no object. Even the little IMF SuperCompacts were beautifully built. Frieds were cheaply made but sounded good. Bud knew how to cut a corner.
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  10. Michael Powers

    Michael Powers Well-Known Member

    I'd be curious to hear if you've had the chance to compare the Fried Model R with the Vandersteen 2Ci. They were both retailing new for $1,200 (plus, if you wanted stands) 20 years ago. I thought they had a very similar sound.

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