Who would you recommend to repair RT909

Discussion in 'Pioneer Audio' started by link, May 8, 2008.

  1. link

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    I've given up trying to repair my deck on my own. I contacted Atlas Audio Repair in Pittsburgh and some other folks but, everyone is far away from where I live in Tampa, Florida. Others are to busy restoring their own equipment which is understandable. Looking for someone who can restore it to last another 25 years.........Thanks..Link
  2. markthefixer

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    THAT's easy!!! Our own AK'er Rabbi Rich, "pustelniakr" is a world class restorer.

    Although he IS in Arizona, and thus the unit would have to be shipped, but rest assured Rich's return packing is as good as the job he does on the deck.....

    P.s. He IS a Rabbi too!!
  3. link

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    Rt 909 Repair

    Rich was my first choice but he is very busy restoring his own equipment. Maybe if we all start a chant...we want Rich...he'll reconsider or maybe I have something that he may want like some MAR C-90 tapes...or some Maxell or BASF 10-1/2 inch reels of chrome tape or a Nakamichi CR 1A cassette deck or Infinity,Klipsch Cornwall 3 speakers......I have lots of stuff. I worked for BASF in the 70's and Pioneer back in the 80's when they thought Champagne gold would be a nice color for their audio equipment. The tapes by the way are sealed and unused.

    I just want someone that is honest and has integrity to do a good job. Anyone of faith is even better.........
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  4. Jack Lord

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    Washington, DC
    Rich restored a unit for me. Not only was it in brand new condition, but he sends you weekly updates, packs like a pro and is one helluva nice guy.

    If half the world's businesses functioned like Rich, we would have permanent prosperity. I recommend him without reservation.
  5. GregFox

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    Are you trying to fix something thats wrong Link or just wanting to do a "re-capping" type of restoration? Most local stereo shops are down to the belt swapping or card swapping or too bad level of fixing things. Which is progress I suppose but I dunno if I like that. if they can disconnect a sub assembly and plug in a new one they can fix something, otherwise they are clueless it seems. I bought a new lap top at best buy, It had a bad solder joint in the power connector, a trivial 2 second repair with a solder iron, but I took it back under the extended care warranty I paid too much extra for. The Geek-Squad fellow blithely told me it would be 3 or 4 weeks coz it would have to go back to the factory. I told him um...No. I'll just get a full refund instead thanks, and then they decided I could have a new one.
  6. jblmar

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    Brooklyn, New York
    If you want to send it to New York, I can repair it for you.

  7. beans

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    Oh, you'll never find anyone...just give it to me and I'll dispose of it.

    Seriously, I have a RT707 but would love to have a 909. Sorry I can't help you. Good luck!
  8. pustelniakr

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    Tucson, AZ
    See if you can verify that it is the tension roller micro-switches. If it is, you can replace them and be good to go. Work the tension arms, in the tension roller assemblies back and forth 50 times each. Then try the deck. If it seems to want to work, you have verified the problem. If not, ship it for repair. Be aware...These decks are very heavy, with fragile parts that cannot be replaced without a parts unit. Pack accordingly.

    Rich P
  9. e2e4c7c5

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    Absolutely!! :thmbsp:
  10. link

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    vintage Audio

    I'm shipping it out to Bob.......I hope he's good. I worked the tension arms and still nothing.

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