Why won't my older DVD player work w/ my new TV?

Discussion in 'Home Theater & Video' started by Bobcat, Apr 1, 2012.

  1. Bobcat

    Bobcat Sound Hound

    Have a very cheap DVD player (Protron PD-800) connected to my new TV (Samsung PN43D450 plasma 720p/600hz).
    I've tryed component cables and S-video w/ L-R audio.

    Could the player be to old or incompatible w/ newer technology?
  2. EchoWars

    EchoWars Working a Deal in Denmark Subscriber

    Nope...if you tell the Samsung to display what's on the component inputs, it should do so without issues.
  3. human1138

    human1138 Kwisatz Haderach Subscriber

    The component cables with give you much higher video quality over the S-Video. Like Echo stated, it's most likely just a matter of switching your TV to the correct input. The DVD player is certainly compatible.
  4. Bobcat

    Bobcat Sound Hound

    Sooo... I found the DVD player manual and it says the player must be in Progressive Scan mode to work w/ component video. A simple push of the remote "PSCAN" button got me back in service.

    Thanks for the responses!
  5. BankShot

    BankShot A Work In Progress

    And our AK forum scores again.............:banana::banana::banana: That's what this forum is all about, what just happened here. Two responding posts and "problem solved". Enjoy that new Samsung TV Bobcat. Nice set you bought for yourself.............:thmbsp:
  6. js1138

    js1138 Super Member

    Trying not to drift off topic, has anyone done a direct comparison of component video against digital? Using the same source and monitor?
  7. Draycos

    Draycos Active Member

    I've done something like that. I have a Panasonic BluRay player that has both HDMI and component out connected to a small Dynex HDTV. The Dynex has a resolution of 720p. I connected the blu ray with both component and HDMI and I personally could not see a difference. However component video only supports up to 720p if I am not mistaken so you would definitely see a difference on a 1080p TV.

    Also you need the HDMI to have 7.1 surround as optical and coax digital audio connections only support up to 6.1, again, if I am not mistaken. Since the TV only has stereo speakers built in that aspect wasn't a concern.

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