Wish for one last AK FEST

Discussion in 'AK Fest 2012' started by Mitchell, Jan 15, 2017.

  1. Bigerik

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    I've Been Everywhere
    You haven't truly done an AK Fest, unless you did one at the Howard Johnson. Those are memories I will never forget. :)
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  2. loonze

    loonze AK Subscriber Subscriber

    ak fest! AK FEST! A K F E S T !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. savatage1973

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    NW Pennsylvania snow belt
    I would love to attend an AK Fest--never had the opportunity, but read the threads and reviews and sounds like a blast! I know what a major hassle (read--lots of work) that it is to do even a local event, much less addressing an international audience. I think a "fatal flaw" of AK Fest was that the same people were burdened with the bulk of the work and that it did not "move" to different areas of the country, making it more accessible to the geographically diverse members of the AK community. I do go to conventions/trade shows pretty much every year, but they "rotate" locations--I'll go to one within reasonable distance, but being from NW PA, I am not paying to fly to LA for the weekend--just not in the budget. And maybe if the event does "move" from year to year, some others (more local) will "step up to the plate" and reduce the "load" on the handful that have been relied upon in the past.
  4. HarmanKardon

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    A great time? Without me? That is hardly possible!

    ... ;)

    Kidding aside, I wish that I would have joined one of these AK fests!
  5. loonze

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    its time for another ak fest !
  6. Mitchell

    Mitchell Toronto, Canada

    Great White North
    A grand finality is needed. Perhaps 3 days long.
  7. ohiomike

    ohiomike AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Love to see this happen!
  8. botrytis

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    I doubt it will ever happen again. The amount of work Grumpy and all them did for the others was mind-boggling.

    Doesn't mean you can't have local meets.
  9. Ski

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    Just south of Detroit.
    I went to all but the last one (I couldn't find a ride). They all had their benefits. The last year at the HoJo had an awesome swimming pool/ sauna. Every ride up and down those elevators was exhilarating. The Embassy suites had the open atrium that allowed you to look across and see what was going on 2 floors down, great music, and a breakfast bar to be very happy with. The last place had an assortment of larger rooms worthy of the higher end vendors. I had a blast at every dang one.
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