Xiang Sheng 728a tube preamplifier

Discussion in 'Tube Audio' started by yungin's-dad, Jul 15, 2010.

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    Opinions please!

    I have a chance to buy one from a seemingly great dude. Some here know him. Anyway, it's got tone controls (which is kind of important to me for know), and bypass, at a great price I think. For $275 shipped, and comes with a second set of tubes. Seems like a really good way try out a tube preamp. If I don't like it, I wouldn't be out much money, as opposed to spending 1000 to 1500 bucks and realizing it wasn't for me.

    If you guys have any thoughts on this please share.


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    What brand and model are you thinking of ? Also, what tubes (types and manufacturers) come with it ? Is this a stereo or a mono model ? Also, what inputs does it have ?
  3. yungin's-dad

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    The one in the title: Xiang Sheng 728a tube preamplifier

    Here's most of the ad:

    I have a Xiang Sheng 728a tube preamplifier for sale. I use it in my 2 channel system now. I just bought a new tube preamp with a built in phono section, so this one is available. I originally paid 325 dollars for this and have purchased 75 dollars in Sylvania tubes to upgrade the sound. I will include the stock tubes and the upgraded tubes.

    Not quite sure what tube complement he's talking about, don't know how many or what types of tubes other than the brand "Sylvania." They could be old used, new, or NOS (I have no idea). Either way, I can get the idea of what a tube preamp will have to offer in terms of sound compared to a solid state preamp that I currently run. I know that different brands of preamps as well as tubes will have an effect on the outcome, but I can at least get an idea of how a tube preamp sounds compared to a ss preamp.


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    I don't know about that pre, but may I suggest not limiting yourself to a preamp that only has tone controls. I have always used tone controls and an eq, and usually not just one click either. Could not see how anyone could do without them.
    I bought a tube preamp that did not have any tone controls, the balance was even bypassed. I was just thinking i would be using my eq with it - nope, is not needed.
    It is the best sound i have ever had and I could not be happier with it. I never thought I would be using something without tone controls, but here I am, have never even thought of hooking up an eq.
    Just thought I would mention that in order to not limit your options. And if it does not sound as u wish, u can always use an eq

    also, here is a thread about that preamp

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