Yamaha 3-way speakers

Discussion in 'Dollars and Sense' started by merrylander, Jan 20, 2007.

  1. merrylander

    merrylander AK Member

    I have this pair of Yamaha NS-A635A bookshelf speakers that were dinged up so I peeled the vinyl and filled in the dings. They were finished in Black Ash so that is what I plan to re-cover them with. I have already replaced the grill cloth. The idea is that I want to put them up for the benefit of AK but as I can't find this model on the Yamaha site I have no idea of a possible price, and auctions are verboten, so I am looking for guestimates. As a side deal I could wait until they are bought and cover them with any of the PE vinyls the buyer wants.

  2. redcoates7

    redcoates7 redcoates7 Subscriber

    If memory serves, these were around $99/pair ...I used to sell the 635 and then 636 back when I was in retail...
  3. merrylander

    merrylander AK Member

    I realized when I looked inside that they were no NS-670s, just figured that we might raise a dollar or two for AK.

  4. redcoates7

    redcoates7 redcoates7 Subscriber

    That said, they were still a very respectable sounding speaker. We had a LOT of little Kenwood and Yamaha receivers go out the door with these when folks just didn't have a lot of money to spend on speakers!

    I'm sure they're going to look amazing when you're done with them too!
  5. thedelihaus

    thedelihaus Questionable Morels Subscriber

    What's the size of the drivers and the box?

    The tweeter reminds me of the one found in the Boston A-40, which is very nice.

    I betcha they sound nice.
  6. merrylander

    merrylander AK Member

    Box is 16.25 H x 10.5 W x 11.5 D and drivers are 8" 4" and .75". They sound pretty good, I was surprised to see the boxes were empty so I put a bit of fibreglass in the back. Crossover is dead simple - two caps. I imagine the woofer and mid are designed to roll off just above the crossover point.

  7. yamahammer

    yamahammer mikiesmadness continues

    i have a pair i run in the kids room they sound pretty good for what they are (a half assed endorsment <:>)
  8. KeninDC

    KeninDC Nanker Phelge Subscriber

    With Rob's famed veneering, I would think that $40 would be about right. When I saw them in Rob's shop, they were in fine shape.
  9. wcleary

    wcleary New Member

    Yamaha 3-ways.Sony ss-av55's

    Hey out there, just joined after reading about the Karma Indignia's in the Parts Express Catalouge. My name is Will and I just got back into building, modifying and enjoying speakers after a long hiatus. I found a pair of the ns-a635a's last week. They were in really good shape the only thing wrong with them was a tear in the suround of one of the mids. After a quick repair job I took a listen and was pleasently surprised. I too was curious to see what they might be worth. It was really cool to be able to look them up here and hear what others had to say. My next little project is refoaming the mid bass drivers in a pair of Sony ss-av55's, I haven't had much luck in finding information about them. Can anyone tell me about them?
  10. SoCal Sam

    SoCal Sam Lunatic Member

    Sadly, not much. I see them at the thrifts for $25 all day long and I won't bite at this price.

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