Yamaha CR-820 lights out

Discussion in 'Solid State' started by retrodude, Apr 19, 2009.

  1. retrodude

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    Hey all,
    just picked up a cr-820. after cleaning some contacts, all is well, sounds sweet. the only thing is the lights are out-all of them. I see the red & white wires that go to the 3 bulbs near the meters- all filimets look toasted, so I assume the voltage is there. question: anyone have exp with changing these bulbs & where to find them? also, do the bulbs come wired? it looked like they are hard wired. the needle light looks like a bear to change, any thoughts?
  2. sleepyweasel

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  3. KingBubba

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    The A-690 issue does not apply here. The 820 and some of the others in the series have bulbs that are wired in series. I forget which but the meter bulbs come to mind. IIRC they are a bit of a pain and that is why I did not bother with my CR-820.
  4. merrylander

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    The 820 uses 12V 60mA bulbs (four) as in addition to the three around the meters there is one in the dial pointer. Use a good Philips #0 screwdriver bit to remove those two little screws atop the pointer because if you strip them they are not an easily obtainable size. Dave(dgwojo) can get you the bulbs.
  5. fengsuhi

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    After reading a lot of opinions here I bought a recapped Yamaha CR-820. I have replaced the lamps with 12v 60mA bulbs get from a local store. Everything went fine but one lamp is much brighter than the others. Did I something wrong? I soldered the wire directly to the board because the bulbs came with long wire, better solution than connect with the old wire.

    Picture about the lights:http://i.minus.com/i3JjfToONddy5.jpg
  6. petehall347

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    check the rating of the bright bulb ..
  7. fengsuhi

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    I am new to electronics. There are no info on the bulbs and I don't have any device to measure them. I bought a spare bulb so I've replaced the bright one to this but nothing's changed. (Or accidentally I have two higher rated lamps.)
  8. petehall347

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    check your wiring ..here is part of the schematic ,,

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  9. fengsuhi

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    Maybe I messed up the wiring but I have the schematic and checked many times the connections. Is it possible that the bulbs are lighting but the wiring is incorrect? As I know they are in series connection.
  10. dgwojo

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    I'd make sure all are identical and replaced at once to assure proper series circuit operation, most lamp sellers don't do that. :no:
  11. fengsuhi

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    Problem solved! Silly mistake: I swapped the L3 and L4 connections. On the schematics the connections comes like 1, 2, 4, 3 and I missed it. Anyway, I'm a newbie here, it was amazing how helpful and quick you are. Thanks. :music:

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