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Yamaha NS-2000 impressions of a legend

Discussion in 'Speakers' started by RuffyLuffy, Mar 10, 2010.

  1. mrtim6

    mrtim6 Active Member

    Sydney Australia
    Hi Rottalpha you stated “the DS-5000 would take the cake on the low end, but that the NS-2000s are a faster speaker.”
    The boron propriety mid and tweeter are really fast too. Mitsubishi used titanium moulds with crystal growth boron. These are proprietary drivers only ever made by Diatone.

    Just for context both speakers are very fast, the Diatones do not lack the NS-2000 speed at all. Despite the large 15.7 inch woofer & 9.8inch bass drivers the DS-5000 has an amazingly extended frequency range that is extremely well balanced.

    Now the NS-2000 is a wonderful speaker that has no significant flaws - unless brutal honesty could be considered a flaw. They should be a benchmark for modern speaker manufacturers to challenge. In fact they are far better than most modern speakers I have heard IMO in their price range and against speakers up to say $20,000.

    The Diatones manage to capture the whole sonic spectrum with great clarity, speed and extension - they go beyond the NS-2000s frequency ranges on both extremes of the spectrum - deeper bass (where bass is present) and extended highs way beyond the 20,000 hz of the Yamaha without distorting.

    The Diatones I believe would challenge some of Wilson speaker range they are truely world class, yet really unknown outside of Japan. I have heard Wilson Alexandrias at trade shows so my comparison is not 100% fair in terms of the conditions they were being used. However the DS-5000s have not yet been truely optimised, considering they are in the living room for the whole family to enjoy.


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