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Discussion in 'Dollars and Sense' started by winegasman, Nov 1, 2006.

  1. winegasman

    winegasman Active Member

    A couple of years ago I gave my cousin my old NS-590s when she needed to build a system on the cheap. Much to my surprise, over the weekend she gave them back to me, now that she's remarried and the new husband's got a system. So, I'm looking at the old workhorses wondering what, if anything, they're worth.

    The cabinets are in decent shape -- some bumps and bruises, but not bad for 26 years old. The grills are pulled and worn a bit, but still hang in the box when put there. And they still have their Yamaha badges. The drivers all work fine, and the refoaming I had done about 12 years ago still looks great.

    So, is there any market for these, in whole or as parts? They've got big, heavy 10" woofers, nice little 3 or 4" mid-ranges, and the notorious Yamaha beryllium tweeters. Any ideas how I can best get rid of them, and how much they might be worth?

  2. packrat

    packrat AK Subscriber Subscriber

    You can mail them to me! :D

    If the tweeters are the same part number as the NS-1000 then parting them out is probably the best way to get the most $$$ out of them.

    Is the mid a dome or cone? Maybe a picture of them would help - I'm familair with NS-690 and NS-670 but I've never seen an NS-590.
  3. winegasman

    winegasman Active Member

    I'll look into them tomorrow to find out part #s for the drivers. The midrange, if I remember correctly, is a dome. The speaker's have controls for midrange and tweeter on the upper part of the baffle. And they're mirror image speakers. I guess pics would make it easier, eh?! I'll take some tomorrow. Thanks, Rich
  4. winegasman

    winegasman Active Member

    Well, I pulled the drivers to see what they are (and in a PM someone told me that this model did NOT use the beryllium tweeter). The NS-590s have the following drivers:

    Tweeter Model - JA-0522 (1" or so metal tweeter)
    Midrange - JA-1204 (4" or so PAPER driver)
    Woofer - JA-3064 (10" or so PAPER driver)

    The surrounds are in great shape on the mids and woofers.

    So, can anyone please help me figure out if these speakers are worth anything? They do sound pretty good (but much more veiled on the low end than my Green Mountain C-1's). The mids and highs are quite satisfying.

    Someone PM-ed saying they're worth $60 according to some blue book or other. They originally sold for $700 and have solid, heavy drivers and cabinet. Could they be worth that little today?

    Thanks, Rich
  5. Bigyank

    Bigyank Long time Member Subscriber

  6. coman61

    coman61 Well-Known Member

    The way I see it they are worth what someone will pay for them. Put them on Epay and see what happens.
  7. wajobu

    wajobu Boing Boom Tschak

    Oh please DON'T part them out...a waste of a perfectly good set of speakers, but yes likely more financial return.
  8. gyusher

    gyusher -don't go round hungry-

    The last pair I had sold for 400.00 on eBay. . . Mine were 690II. .in fair condition. . . I'm pretty sure about the model number. . .Mine were 1 step below the 1000. . .

    I sure would have bet money the woofers were 12in instead of 10. . .

    Or did you say 590?? Still it should be worth plenty. . .

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  9. winegasman

    winegasman Active Member

    OK, I've taken some pictures. These NS-590s may indeed have 12" woofers -- I measured the diameter of the inside paper cone edge -- it's more like 12" when I measure including the surround and the frame edge.

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  10. wajobu

    wajobu Boing Boom Tschak

    What packrat said...just send 'em to me... :D
  11. cubdog

    cubdog banging through drywall Subscriber

    Don't part them out. Why not offer them in the AK classifieds. I'm sure someone would love to give them a new home.

  12. Damage

    Damage Super Member

    Yea, like me. I would love to own a pair.
  13. Yamaha B-2

    Yamaha B-2 registered user

    Notorious? Do you mean notoriously fast, revealing and extended in frequency and not tolerant of poor electronics? Then, yes. Notorius. The Be doomed tweeter in the NS-1000/M is a JA-0513. Don't know that these are or are not Be, as Yamaha also made some Ti metal domes, as well. Hopefully, someone will take them whole, as they are a very nice speaker.
  14. junkaudio

    junkaudio Super Member

    ihad a pair of ns-200m and ns1000m somehow miss them
    never had 590 or 690 they are on my list now
  15. gyusher

    gyusher -don't go round hungry-

    looks to me like one step below the 690. . .Not a bad place to be. I'm quite sure they are sought after.

    If they were mine. . .and I wanted to sell them I'd list them on eBay with a 375.00 buy it now and in their condition I doubt the auction would make it 24 hours. . .
  16. packrat

    packrat AK Subscriber Subscriber

    forget blue book value.... they're worth whatever they sell for. If I lived within a quick drive I'd be over there loading them into the car, but I'm a Yamaha fan and I like speakers with cone midranges. They look to be in good condition, so I'd say $200 and up is reasonable??

    Only problem with selling speakers on ebay is the packing and shipping troubles, and it seems local pickup only auctions just don't generate high final values. Try here (AK classifieds) and Craiggslist first, as the ad will be up for weeks, not days. Then maybe Audiogon?
  17. winegasman

    winegasman Active Member

    OK, so I put them on ebay, with a minimum bid of $100, and a BIN of $275. Let's see what happens! Thanks for all of your helpful ideas.
  18. richh

    richh Active Member

    So what the heck ever happened?? I have a pair and am curious.:yes:
  19. Bigyank

    Bigyank Long time Member Subscriber


    Let's see your speakers too! :D

  20. Damage

    Damage Super Member

    I bought them for $125 I think.

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