Yamaha PF-20 Turntable. $50 - a deal?

Discussion in 'Dollars and Sense' started by spotmaticf, Feb 16, 2007.

  1. spotmaticf

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    I've been looking to purchase my first turntable.

    A local guy offered me a Yamaha PF-20 Turntable in nice shape, including a new belt and cart for $50. I know that this is not a TOTL unit by any stretch (read BPC), but I am not looking to spend more than $50 anyway.

    I've got a Yamaha CR-840 driving Harmon/Kardon HK 30 speakers.

    Should I keep looking for something a bit more solid or buy it knowing that it has been serviced.

  2. arrow 68

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  3. spotmaticf

    spotmaticf Active Member

    I wasn't thinking about the seasonal effect. Of course I don't believe in Spring Cleaning. I will try to be patient and wait for something nicer. Thanks.
  4. arrow 68

    arrow 68 Banned

    What kind of Cartridge is on the TT? It might be worth buying if he has a nice Cartridge on it.
  5. spotmaticf

    spotmaticf Active Member

    This is the description from the seller....
    "This Yamaha TT has an NOS cartridge, Audio Technica style, don't remember if it even has a brand name on it, they were mass produced in Asia a decade or so ago. sounds fine. Typically a cartridge is $30.00 and a belt is $10.00, so to get a good TT for less than $50.00 means it usually needs one or both..."
    I originally was hoping to find something at SA or GW, but I may be better spending a few more bucks to get something that has been gone over. Regardless, $50 is my absolute max for a first TT.
  6. vintagestereo

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  7. arrow 68

    arrow 68 Banned

    Yes, I agree. Pass. And yes, you will eventually find a very nice unit, don't limit yourself to the $50 figure. I would read about different TT's, and then make a decision. That way when you find a good deal, and it might be more than $50, you will know what you are doing. I understand your cautious approach. Patience, and persistence, is the key on the cheap. Good luck.

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