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    :scratch2: Hello everybody. I am very new to this hobby. I have been an audio nut for about 30 years, but never new much about gear until recently. While sifting through the prices on Ebay about four months ago, I said " Self, why should I pay these prices. These sellers aren't. " So anyway I live about a mile from a Goodwill, in a very affluent neighborhood. Well in the last two months I have found a Yamaha RX-V660 for $5, a Yamaha R-500 for $10, a Harman/Kardon HK 505 for $15, and a Kenwood VR 305 for $25. Now the speakers. A pair of Tannoy System 800 Speakers for $10, mint condition with custom made grills. A pair of Pinnacle PN 5+, and a funky pair of Pioneer CS-05's. No good CD Players. Passed on one nice condition Dual Turntable. It was direct drive but had a plastic plinth. Not very well made. Out of all this no 100 Watt Per Channel or better Amp. So surfing Ebay yesterday I found a Yamaha R-9 Receiver in what appeared to be in nice condition. I asked the seller about it, and got a response that it was tested, and in nice working condition. He said he would refund my money if I did not like it. Now the iceing on the cake. He offered to send the unit for an inspection prior to purchaseing. If I don't like it just send it back. If I do, pay through Paypal. If I buy the unit, with no remote, or owners manual it will be $95 including shipping. Any thoughts on this receiver. I have found very little about it on the net. What I have found, I liked. -Mark-
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    I recently bought an R-9 off of the bay and I'm very happy with it! It has a broken hinge on the door (bad place to use plastic) and got it for $51 and about $30 shipping. I consider that a deal! Lot's of power, class "A" option, can run three sets of speakers. GREAT tuner section IMHO! Go for it!

    Don't sweat the remote! I use a One-4-All and it has the codes to operate the volume and mute.
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    looks like he went ahead and bought or dallied here for too long and someone else got it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    sonuvagun was totl and 125 wpc.
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    I bought one brand new at the Subic Bay exchange in about 1985 and if I remember right it was close to 900.00. The thing was built very well for the day and I ran it very hard for about five years. A friend of mine still uses it almost daily .The sound was typical Yamaha and the thing had all the bells and whistles for it's time. The variable loudness was always one of my favorite features. I ended up with the R-9 only because the exchange was out of the Carver receivers I really wanted, but I never regretted buying it and wish I had it back. If I were you for that price I would get it
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    Hello. I did not dally. I used the buy it now option, and purchased the unit. The seller gave me the option after I purchased the unit to have it sent to me for a pre-inspection. I have not paid him yet. You can use the "Buy It Now" option, and not have to pay immediatley. If I don't like it. Send it back. I am sure the seller is confident. The unit appears to be perfect. The question answered at the bottom of the auction page was answered in less than Two hours from the time of asking. I like that. -Mark-
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    I owned a Yamaha R-5 that I bought new with my first paycheck out of college. It was great-sounding but I was really drooling for the more upscale R-7 and R-9. I almost bid on an R-9 last month but thought better of bringing home (even) more gear.
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    I bought an R-9 new in 1987....over $800. I loved it!! Never a problem. Running with 3 sets of speakers made it get warm in a cabinet. I installed a cooling fan and never had a problem. Unfortunately....my ex-wife ended up with it in 1993. I was out of audio for awhile....then got back into it and one of the first rcvrs I bought was another R-9. This one had a broken bottom door on it, but everything worked great, including the remote. Later I bought a non-working R-9 with a good door, and put that on mine. So I still have the R-9 with a parts unit in case I need it. 125 wpc, great phono, 2 video inputs, cd, tuner....lotsa cool features.........buy one of you can.
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    I like mine. It is my number 2 unit these days only because I like the Denon I have. The only thing I don't like about mine is that it automatically starts in class A mode when it turns on. This is the reason I don't put it out in the front room as the main unit out there. The family has a tendency to keep the units out there on 24/7 and in class A it would get hot and it's life would be much less.
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    My R-9 is in my living room, not enclosed in a cabinet. It's main job now is to pretty much drive a set of speakers when we want to have the TV/Movies ran thru it. I always keep the power on button pushed in and use the remote for all the main functions. I just did a little test on mine. Mine does not start off in class A mode when powered on with the button or when using the remote. However, if I have class A on, then use the remote to power off, then power on, the class A is back on. Also...if Class A mode is on, then I use the power button to power off, then back on, class A mode is still on.
    It sounds like you may just have a stuck class A mode switch.
    Anyways...it is a great rcvr and I suspect I will always have one.
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    yamaha R9 problem

    Hi i have a Yamaha R9 model stereo receiver from the 80's that is "leaking" AM radio station noise through the amp on all inputs tapes 1 and 2 video 1 and 2 cd and phono. it gets louder when the simulated stereo or the dynamic noise control are engaged and is loudest and clearest when both are on at the same time. other issues are it does not save presets when turned off and the illumination on the power switch light has started to flicker in and out. i have a parts receiver that the amp is fried on but when it did work it did keep the radio presets saved and all lights worked etc. is it possible for me to get my stereo back in perfect operation condition? any thought or info jelpful Thanks

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