Yamaha YP-511

Discussion in 'Turntables' started by TheArc, Feb 25, 2009.

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    Hi, new kid here and looking for some info. I just scored a complete yamaha separates system for not a lot of money and while I can find plenty of info on the CA-610 and CT-610 units it has, I can find virtually nothing about the turntable - a YP-511 DD unit.
    Anyone know if this table is any good?
    The system's for my office and I have a Micro Seiki MB14 which I could slot in instead, if the Yamaha ain't up to much, though i'll confess I love the looks of the Yamaha.
    So, any opinions on a YP-511?
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    Philadelphia, PA
    Welcome to AK!

    I've never heard it, but found pics online. A typical mid-70s tt--very similar to other models of the time. Yamaha generally didn't make junk, so I'd lay bets it's pretty decent. How it would compare to the MS is anyone's guess. You'd have to try it and see.

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