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    My latest acquisition, for $30 (Can). A YP-D3. Looks pretty good after a bit of clean-up (but it appears from the pictures I still have a bit of "dusting" to do!). Apparently it has spent the last 10-years or so in an attic (along with a CA-510 / CT-510, a set of EPI-100's, etc.).

    It came with a combo headshell / stylus made by "Spectrum" (house brand from the now-defunct A&B Sound, here in Western Canada). I have replaced this with an old Ortofon SMB-12 I had and a Technics headshell. I tried it 1st with a generic metal headshell but I didn't have a spacer and with the Ortofon the arm was nowhere near level. With the Technics it sits pretty-much level. Still have to finish setting it up properly but it holds speed just fine and sounds pretty darn good.

    Comments? - will the Ortofon be a fairly good match for this turntable? Here is a link to another thread that has some YP-D3 specs:


    I had a bit of a head-shake experience at the end of the 1st album side when the arm didn't lift - ???? - until I remembered this is a completely manual turntable. MUST be getting old!

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    I think the Ortofon will do fine, it is not a heavy cart so there is room for the waight if sone spaceres.

    I don't have the specs for the effective mass of the arm, so can't say how well it will work.

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