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Young new members

Discussion in 'AK News' started by HarmanKardon, Dec 11, 2016.

  1. DrumminDaddy

    DrumminDaddy Hit it, Baby !!

    Lost in musing circumstances
    I would not be one to interpret "recruitment" in a less than positive meaning in this context. Especially when viewed in terms, of say, how our friend and fellow AKer bobsvinyl suggests to his young acquaintances that AK is a great resource for info. Spread the word. :thumbsup:


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  2. savatage1973

    savatage1973 Addicted Member

    NW Pennsylvania snow belt
    The only "dumb question" is the one not asked--so give someone a break. We all started somewhere with a limited knowledge base--if I don't learn something every day, it is a wasted day.
  3. RamblinE

    RamblinE (╯°□°)╯彡┻━┻

    29. I just want to get closer to the recording. To hear the music itself in its purest form. Good, bad, ugly, microphones switching on and off, a flute players rapid intake of breath, the natural timbre of a singers voice like you're in the room or hearing what the producer mixed right there in front of his monitors with him. My AKG K240 DF just shipped from Germany today and I am hoping that with the arrival of those cans I can dispense with some of the audiophile tricks of audiophile headphones with artificial soundstage and shimmery treble. Maybe the 80 year old Beyer DT48 will be next with its unique metal drivers, ruler flat midrange, and alleged lack of color. Or, as other people have described them, a garbage sounding reference that's how's the listener how most all other headphones are colored.
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  4. Bassblaster

    Bassblaster Super Member

    Cambridge, Ohio
    Ive got you beaten there, im 15. i think i may be one of the youngest active people on here
  5. jelly_bean

    jelly_bean AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Whopping 28 years old here. Got into the hobby hearing about my dad's stereo fun from back in the 70s. There was a JBL outlet in SoCal that we would go to in the early 90s when I was a kid and I used to watch my Dad gawk at the stuff we couldn't afford. Planted the seed without him really knowing. ;)

    I still have his old Sansui G-5700 I used to start out on this journey. I'll never let that thing go.
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  6. KevinJS

    KevinJS Lunatic Member

    All power to you. I sold a pair of speakers earlier today. The 14 year old purchaser brought his father to have a listen to what they were buying. I pretty well gave the things away, but it's all good. The next generation is out there and knows what it wants. I'm impressed. The test piece was Beethoven's 9th Symphony.
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  7. savatage1973

    savatage1973 Addicted Member

    NW Pennsylvania snow belt
    Good for you! I have been down that same road (not quite such a young buyer), but enough broke high-school and college kids (hey, I've been there, done that too--so I know how it is). Practically given stuff away, or in some cases, actually given stuff away--"need some cables, speaker wire, beat-up receiver or cdp to go with that?". Nice also that the "test piece" was something other than some overproduced pop/schlock or hip-hop/rap crap. :thumbsup:
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  8. jcamero

    jcamero GD, a band beyond description Subscriber

    The Bright Side of Life
    When I thumb through thrift store/GW/flea market LP's, and someone, regardless of age is doing the same, the conversation goes from music likes to gear. I always
    refer them to AK as a really great source for information and help, regardless if you are 60 or 16. I will explain the subscriber option, allowing the person to the bartertown
  9. asilker

    asilker Bible Reader Subscriber

    Chicago IL
    love for loud guitar gear and dinosaur Jr got me into guitar gear. When buying a box of stuff at 16, I acquired a turntable. That's almost 10 years ago now.

    I'm convinced that my generation has a stronger understanding of electronics than previous generations. That's not a dog to older members either, who probably even had a step up because of practical electronics classes in high school. Young generations now don't get classes about soldering and assembly, but we can view any schematic we want and read blogs which describe each stage in a circuit. We also get to read about product development and what makes good design.

    I am by no means an engineer, but I feel I can navigate this hobby. As a high school student I spent every lunch in the computer lab comparing schematic changes in EHX Big Muffs, EQ stages in blackface fenders, etc. I am not the only one
  10. HarmanKardon

    HarmanKardon Tubes still smell funny Subscriber

    Schwarzwald, Deutschland
    Thank you so much, Pete! :)
  11. M0therG00se

    M0therG00se Active Member

    Akron, Ohio
    English is thee hardest language to learn because it's constantly evolving it's slangs and new "words". I really give anyone respect who can get on how to speak it 2ND to their 1ST. At all anymore, all its (the English) rules and formalities get tossed to the side for lack of better term, and actually here's trivia for ya.

    English is actually spoken most correct by people around Seattle and around me in Ohio. It's funny cause 2 hours above us is NY talk and southern OH is "Worsh and Gawd" but point is that in America a few places actually don't carry but Accent and are most like UK English speaking.

    So back to the post haha I get what you meant when you said they will come back after doing there research. Absolutely, thats what I did because I didn't want to ask questions I knew I could and needed to answer myself. Now I can hold my own and now feel I have something to contribute. The hundreds of hours scowering info of old and new or videos and write ups. Not to mention what my neighbor (bless that guy) put up with and my constant need for knowing what and why he was doing what he was. Now he is 69 and most older people can't confide in this younger generation; rightfully so. Point is that he has finally got to point that he tells me he's so happy he doesn't have to micromanage, worry about me being careless, just get the project done the right way is what it is all about.

    I feel honored to carry on his knowledge and even though that one day he will not be here for me to annoy...we both know that I care and will not make his attempt at teaching for nothing. I find it more sad to think I could have never lived next door and that each other never learned something new...I come to see that it's strange being young in age but old in soul.

    Now my rants over but it's all very true...also the most common language used isn't English....it's sign language.

    Listen on

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  12. M0therG00se

    M0therG00se Active Member

    Akron, Ohio
    Whoever gets BSR and HPM 100s have something to go off of....I can't wait to see what system I eventually end up having perfected.

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  13. Quadman2

    Quadman2 Super Member

    I also think mobility enters into the picture as well. The younger set probably have not set down roots as some of the more experienced (not older:) ) people on site have, so HP's may be more in order unless they have some book shelf-type system carried over from school days. In addition, they can get some darn good phones for under $300, esp on Craig/Kjijji.

    Remember as well, we all lurked to a degree before entering into the fray, eh?

    It is good to have "new blood" into the system as others have pointed out and as it is in the vintage car scenes.

  14. Wildcat

    Wildcat Audio Sommelier

    MI, US
    My youngest (at 18) would not have an interest in equipment yet, but she certainly is into the music, and she certainly does not like most of the new Top 40 music out there today. Once she goes off to college in September, she'll probably expand her horizons even more. I don't think she has room at her mom's house for a big system, but I might see about getting something compact with a streamer and decent recent-vintage speakers that don't take up much room.

    I've seen other late teens and early 20-somethings at a nearby used record store, and found it encouraging that a couple of them were engaged in conversation with the owner, even down to looking for specific pressings of a particular record. This one young lady in particular really knew what she was after, and the banter between her and the owner (who had some good recommendations) was good to hear. Anyone involved in music that much will keep it as a lifelong interest. :)
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  15. M0therG00se

    M0therG00se Active Member

    Akron, Ohio
    I'd like to find a girl who will play music music with me on our system and make music with me....I seen my buddies family friends who were from Ireland and husband n wife. They played the flute and violin while my buddies dad played his Irish drum...the connection between a woman with music has been one of the most enjoyable experience with a human being I've had. I'm young or younger at 27 and I am an old soul...it will be a hell of shit shot to find that.

    You wouldn't know I was 27 if you never had never seen me in person...I hope to find another lady like that.
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  16. Stack

    Stack Active Member

    Hudson Valley, NY
    27 years old here.

    I've been visiting the site on and off since I was 20, when I got my first dedicated audio receiver, a heavily used Realistic STA-2150. It was nothing particularly special in retrospect, but people were happy that I was entering the world of "separates," and that I took interest in improving the quality of my audio setup.

    Since then, the community here has been helpful with upgrade advice, modification tips, and teaching me how to not electrocute myself when recapping high voltage amplifiers (in a stern but respectful way.) I've never felt like I was being looked down upon by elitists, even though I knew that these same members have setups that cost orders of magnitude more than my own.

    I think this openness is important to younger people who are just starting out. Most of us/them don't have too much disposable income to throw around, and are proud of our thrift store finds, saving up pennies for a new cartridge for our turntable, or rehauling a set of speakers that might have been out of our price bracket if bought refurbished. Welcoming into the community, no matter the system that the user has, allows people to feel belonging, and gained experience combined with reading about other setups encourages them to always be looking for that better sound. Eventually, the systems grow along with the people, and those young members become more helpful members of the community.

    Communities like AK are rare these days on the internet. It's refreshing to be able to post a question, and see 10 well intentioned replies come back on the same day.


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  17. Dude111

    Dude111 Analogue is Awesome

    Its good having you here :)
  18. Cuppy

    Cuppy AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Nice post Stack.
  19. hammr7

    hammr7 AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Its amazing how little some things change over the years. When I was in my 20s, and was looking for my first pair or really good speakers, I brought two albums (this was before CDs) for listening tests. One was Jethro Tull's "Stand Up", which I knew very well and had heard on great systems before. The other was Beethoven's 9th Symphony, specifically the last (Choral) movement, which I had sung.

    At the time companies like Polk and Bose were populating stereo stores with models in my price range, and with the hype I expected one of them would be my choice. Beethoven's 9th killed both brands, and I ended up buying Kefs.
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  20. GordonW

    GordonW Speakerfixer Subscriber

    Marietta/Moultrie GA USA
    Indeed. And appreciation of it doesn't necessarily go away with age either.

    If any of you have read Greg Weaver's review (on Enjoy The Music) about the VAC/Von Schweikert room at Capital Audiofest this year (2017)- one of the most significant things he mentions was his (and Kevin Hayes of VAC) reaction to the Solti Beethoven's 9th. It still can affect even after many years of hearing it.

    Greg's description of Kevin's reaction is pretty priceless- after the music stopped, Kevin turned to Damon and Leif of Von Schweikert, and said "Did you know they could do that?!" (in reference to the Ultra 11 speakers).

    I was privileged to be there (I was actually the one DJ'ing, putting records onto the turntable for Greg, in fact), and it is remarkable to see that, even after all these years, even people who ostensibly have "heard everything" are still un-jaded enough to be able to honestly react in such a joyful way. You folks that are just now getting into this thing at a young age, have a lot to look forward to, if you look in the right places...

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