Your having audio issues? Maybe the troubleshooting flowchart is the solution.

Discussion in 'General Audio Discussion' started by doucanoe, Apr 11, 2007.

  1. gslikker

    gslikker Super Member

    Close to Alkmaar, Netherlands
    looking in this old thread, this flowchart a few posts back has two errors already, maybe I read it again and find more.

    Now, for actually FIXING something, you need to have all possible failures in the flowchart, so basically flowcharts for troubleshooting are pretty much totally useless if beyond the newbie level.


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  2. hifitommy

    hifitommy AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Your having audio issues?"??

    MY having issues?
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  3. mhjmhjones

    mhjmhjones Active Member

    Delaware, USA
    My having issues opening the flowchart. It just opens a black page for me. Is anyone else in possession of this same issue?
  4. MannyE

    MannyE Exterminate! Subscriber

    Miami Beach
    Where is the grammar flowchart?
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  5. Go Giants

    Go Giants Well-Known Member

    New Haven
    Let's initiate a six sigma project to determine root cause. Let begin with a fishbone analysis....

    Ha...seriously...the op was soo old I didn't try to open the attachment.
  6. peja11

    peja11 New Member

    I have a backup TT that I use rarely. At least a year ago one channel died. My "flow chart" has always been start at one end of the signal path and work in a straight line to the other. I checked speakers, amps, pre-amp, inputs, outputs, cables you name it. Swapped out what I could and nothing. Finally checked continuity through the tonearm to the stylus. Stumped I let it go. Went back every couple of months to see if It was still broken like it would fix itself. Last week sitting at the computer previewing new music playing speed solitare trying to clear my head out of nowhere it hit me like lightning: Swap the stylus. Duh.

    I stand by my flow chart. I just need to get better at what end to start at.
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