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Wapfunz and I just messaged each other and I wanted to share with this thread. Also,
wanted to thank everyone for the help, especially Pio1980. Pio1980 you were right that type bulb is the perfect replacement!!!! I was about to pay mucho cash for a whole new strobe unit on Ebay because I had lost hope.

Here's a copy of the message that I sent Wapfunz (so I don't have to write it all over again :

Originally Posted by Enochrome

I just caught this thread. I have the same problem
as you. Did you ever find a solution? I have had a hard time finding a replacement that stores carry.


I just went to my local electronic store and this time I brought my strobe bulb and the 125 as well. I asked them and they did not know what the hell that bulb was, except one guy had hunch. I showed him the 125, he got me my capacitors that I asked for initially. After that, he asked me what color is the bulb, I told him it was orange neon. Went to the back and he had a box full of hundreds of these neon bulbs. It so happens that he restores old tube radios.

Here's some pics:

It was not easy because I know nothing about electronics and my soldering skills stink. I had to dissect the housing of the old bulb because the lead of the bulb would not reach if I had to bend the bulb to fit in the enclosure. Then pushed the housing to make contact and then I soldered the other lead to the other contact.

Eventually, I'm going to do it again and make a custom housing and get a blue neon bulb from one of those sites you listed in the thread (although shipping will be expensive because I am in the USA) Also, going to buy the wood for a new plinth tomorrow

I hope this helps and, yes, order one of those bulb's one of the AKR's mentioned as you can see it works.


Thanks again

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