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Redboy's setup from the audio underground

I'm trying to figure out how to summarize this stuff.

My system changes a lot because I'm ever distracted by shiny pennies, but some underlying themes exist:
  • I like to DIY
  • I like old, heavy turntables
  • I like passive preamplifiers
  • I like single-ended tubes (or valves)
  • I like efficient speakers
  • I like the whole KISS concept

My system's just a little bit off the beaten path. Flea-powered tube amplifiers producing just a few good watts, esoteric DIY stuff, idler turntables, giant horns. I listen at low volume, prefer jazz at this point.

The stuff (click through for threads with more pictures and information):

Vinyl stuff

Phonostage is a Herron VTPH-1MC or a Bottlehead Seduction with step up transformers.

Preamp is a passive job, built around S&B TX-102 transformers:

Amplifiers are single ended EL84 monoblocks that I built.

Speakers are based on Edgarhorns.

Here are the best pictures of how it currently all comes together. When I brought the speakers in, I had to rearrange the room kind of radically and everything got stacked on whatever was convenient. I still haven't found a good solution for the stack - I'm still looking for a good "stand" or rack for it all. Oh, and the giant rack thingy that you see on the right side of the second picture is no longer there.

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