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Pioneer CT-F1000 Recap

I had a PM request for my CT-F1000 recap list because of this thread:

To hopefully benefit everyone, I will include it here. I do my parts lists in Excel with some fancy functions to convert Pioneer codes to meaningful descriptions and create BOM lists. Since we can't attach Excel spreadsheets, I saved it as a PDF.

Standard disclaimer: The attached parts list represents a snapshot in time. It's the right list for my unit, yours may be slightly different. Mouser part numbers change and they run out of stock so you may need to make some substitutions. The list should also be inspected by one of the AK gurus (you know who you are) to ensure it meets with their approval. The mods are more than welcome to publish it in the AK recap database if approved by one of the AK gurus.

Please also consult this thread by "The Master" pustelniakr.

This project is NOT for beginners!
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