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Originally Posted by westend View Post
With the T-track on that fence, it's pretty easy to add a sacrificial surface like EPDM or straight hardwood. Too bad the fence is going to cost more than the saw (assumption on my part) but having a good fence is critical for accuracy.
I think you're going to be real happy with how that saw works, these older saws have a lot of cast iron and heavy steel so stability and accuracy is very good. If you know a woodworker that has a setup gauge system and is willing to lend it out, you'll be able to dial it in so that everything is aligned. Good luck with the Unisaw!
Very true. These are excellent machines!

In case you may not know anyone with a setup gauge, a dial indicator with a mag base is often available for rental cheap. Maybe $15 for an afternoon. These tools make this task SOOO much easier!
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