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Old 03-17-2010, 12:09 PM
Theophilus Punoval Theophilus Punoval is offline
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adc LT 34

Someone gave me an adc LT 34 linear tracking turntable. I'm wondering if this unit is any good. It's largely plastic and kinda light.

I loaned about 150 (unopened) early 60s ABC/Melodia classical LPs to a man who had a program on the local public radio featuring records. Melodia was the Soviet record label. In the 60s they had a deal with ABC to distribute LPs in America; in the 70s they contracted with Angel and many of the ABC records were re-released on the budget Seraphim label. The recordings were world class with artists like Richter, Rostrepovich and others whose current releases were on Angel/Melodia and DG.

So I was wondering if this TT is OK. I'm assuming it isn't spectacular, but if it's decent I'll get my ABC's back because he isn't doing the program any more.

My other choice is to say God bless him and let him enjoy these LPs.
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